VULTÖR: new promo materials from MURDER RECORDS Wednesday September 30 2020, 6:09 PM
VULTÖR: new promo materials from MURDER RECORDS

Murder Records presents the opening of another social mass grave!

Coming from Belo Horizonte, VULTÖR arise from the eerie dawns in 2017. Since then they have released two demos that stood up for their uncompromising attitude towards what we can judge as the maistream."Caçada da Noite" and "Lobos na Noite" were created by the same forces and this line-up with Eduardo (bass), Bruno (drums) and Mad Max (guitars and vocals) are the forefathers of this relenteless punk'em'roll'em'thrash' dinasty.

After carefully removing another mortuary stone marble, from this musical cemetery, in order to feed the damned VULTÖR, whose starving libido observes the apocalyptic underworld, its time to release the unspeakable rejected new born named "Visões do Fim", a tribute to all ending impure visions. Indeed this recent opus gives a new meaning to the longest cursed dark nights filled with chaotic inhuman drinking and moshing riffs.

"Visões do Fim" carve  the rebellion upon the conformaty in a very somber approach and by all means they open a black hole upon the old metal hordes. Combining the sipirits from the old GODZ of METAL like MOTORHEAD and VENOM with a crossover mixture of the PUNK HARDCORE TITANS as BAD BRAINS and THE ACCÜSED, the haunt for social media slaughter continues here in which the human remains are served as food for this Mad Max proto veiled society.

Be prepared for this assault as VULTÖR yell themselves as the outcast inside the compliance society. Using "Visões do Fim" as their pneumatic hammer you will be naturally bludgeoned by this unusual force of UN-ature. Embrace this apocalyptic speed thrash punkish metal head bangers from Hell before you are able to open your rotten eyes six feet under.

Out soon by Muder Records; Rot In Metal Or Die!

HMR143 | VULTÖR "Visões Do Fim"
Cassette + Poster A4 + Inlay with 8 pages A5 where you can find the biography, lyrics, pictures, and more information about the hellish VULTÖR on this apocalyptic edition of 150 copies...

RELEASE DATE: October 15, 2020


01 - Tormento Nuclear
02 - A Caçada Continua
03 - Lobos Na Noite
04 - Ruas De Sangue
05 - Lembranças Malditas
06 - Dê Me Mais Um Drink

07 - Visões Do Fim
08 - Vultör
09 - Manicômio Infernal
10 - Servos Do Inferno
11 - Horizonte Sombrio (Ao Vivo RJ)*

All the noises provoked by the beating of the black roasters of the death vultures were captured and properly recorded between 2018 and 2019 at the To Mega Therion Studio in Contagem - MG - Brazil.

In this compilation on tape were included the two demos "A Caçada Continua" and "Lobos Na Noite", as well as the 7'EP "Vultör", to be now extracted by the horrendous "Visões Do Fim" of these damned vultures that fly the graves of the infamous Murder Records cemetery that is honored to launch this insane artifact of darkness...

(*) Horizonte Sombrio is a new song recorded live in January 2020
in Rio de Janeiro, a special bonus for this edition cassette...
All the lyrics and songs were written and done by Vultör.

Paulo Máximo: Guitarra e Vocal
Bruno Somalha: Bateria
Eduardo Dutra: Baixo



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