5 Cannabis Brands Owned And Operated By Musicians Monday September 28 2020, 7:27 PM
5 Cannabis Brands Owned And Operated By Musicians

Music and cannabis pairing is intrinsically magnificent. The ability of cannabis to make a cognition shift helps the musicians to observe external stimuli like music. With the legalization of cannabis, many famous actors and musicians have made their entry into the cannabis business world. Here's a list of five cannabis brands owned and operated by musicians.

1. "Leafs" by Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg's relationship with the natural herb propelled him to launch his cannabis-based line of products brand named "Leafs" (LBS). Like Snoop's cool and smart personality, his brand, Leaf, is also about attracting a diverse crowd. The merchandise wrapping is sleek, simple, and child-proof, satisfying the legal norms. A design firm, Pentagram, helped to craft the beautiful cannabis boxes. They offer flavored, cannabis oil-infused chocolates like dark chocolate and peanut butter bars.

  1. "Marley Natural" by Bob Marley

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The famous Jamaican musician Bob Marley launched his official cannabis brand, Marley Natural, based out of Seattle, Washington. The brand instigates hopefulness and personal transformation. It is available in every legal cannabis store in the US. The brand offers different strains like Marley Green, Red, and smoking accessories like Marley Natural pipe made of "sustainably grown" American black walnut. Marley Natural believes in spreading the message of marijuana's spiritual and remedial energies. 

  1. "Willie's Reserve" by Willie Nelson

Willie's Reserve is a cannabis firm commenced by singer-songwriter Willie Nelson in 2015. Nelson, who has been a user himself, got imprisoned multiple times for the possession and use of cannabis. So, starting his cannabis brand was not unusual. Nelson established his brand after the legalization of cannabis in different nations. It comprises a spectrum of marijuana products that consist of THC. He has also found another label named Willie's Remedy, which includes only CBD products.

  1. "Etheridge Farms" by Melissa Etheridge

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The Oscar and Grammy-winning musician Melissa Ethridge launched her cannabis-related products range called Etheridge Farms, after her personal experience with cannabis. Melissa learned the restorative powers of cannabis after being diagnosed with melanoma and went through painful chemotherapy sessions. The motto of her brand Ethridge is not just about getting high but about getting healthy. Her brand offers cannabis products that help treat disorders like insomnia, low appetite by guiding people with the right strain and dosage. 

  1. "Khalifa Kush Enterprise" by Wiz Khalifa

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Wiz Khalifa, the famous American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor, launched his cannabis label named Khalifa Kush Enterprise in 2015. The brand got its name from the Indica-dominant hybrid strain, Khalifa Kush, bred specifically for the rap artist. The brand works towards offering its customers high-quality, thoughtfully curated products for recreational and medicinal purposes. Several cannabis stores in San Jose and San Francisco retail unique cannabis-related products from the Khalifa Kush label.


The great musicians who enjoy smoking weed have extended the benefits of marijuana outside their music industry. The marijuana market has been a massive industry for a very long time. Leading personalities venturing into the cannabis business help attract a vast audience. People buy out of love for their favorite musicians and become more informed on the health benefits of cannabis for various health disorders.

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