Metalocalypstick: Canada’s Premier Women Focused Metal Festival Announces 2019 Lineup Tuesday April 9 2019, 7:12 PM
Metalocalypstick: Canada’s Premier Women Focused Metal Festival Announces 2019 Lineup

Spotify Playlist here  - Festival Digital Sampler of 2019 Performing Bands - Metal Queens Vol. 3

Lone Butte, BC, Canada will once again be shaken by the sounds of heavy metal on Canada Day weekend with the 2019 edition of Metalocalypstick Festival . Over the course of the weekend, 22 bands will take the stage, each featuring at least one woman in a show of feminine power across metal, punk and rock.

This year, bands from Canada, Tasmania, Mexico, Egypt and USA will gather for the one of a kind festival in the Canadian wilds. The non profit organization is dedicated to giving back to the community and donating 100% of the proceeds to local charities including Girls Rock Camp and the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter. Each year an independent band is also sponsored by the festival to further their musical pursuits.


The lineup for 2019 includes:
Attack The Fire (Vancouver)
Call Of The Siren (Edmonton)
Chaos Century (Vancouver)
Crimson Caliber (Medicine Hat)
Fallen Stars (Vancouver)
Forsaken Rite (Edmonton)
Interitum (Launceston, Tasmania)
Kayas (Vancouver)
Kelevra (Regina)
Kosm (Vancouver)
Lost Nebula (Hermosillo, Mexico)
Massive Scar Era (Vancouver/ Cairo, Egypt)
Obsidian (Vancouver)
Ophelia Falling (Vancouver)
Orchestry (BC)
Sins Of Sorrow (Edmonton)
Siren’s Rain (Puget Sound, USA)
Subterranea (Toronto)
Sugar Wash (Edmonton)
The Shit Talkers (Vancouver)
Violent Betty (Saskatoon)
The Vth Circle (Vancouver)

Promo video (clips from 2017)

Tickets for the event and more information is available through the official website: http://metalocalypstickfest. rocks/


Featured in publications such as Metal Hammer and Billboard, Metalocalypstick Fest not only celebrates women in metal but also gives back to the community. Formed in 2016 as a non-profit organization, they are dedicated to raising funds and donating 100% of proceeds to local charities Girls Rock Camp, Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, and Earth Protectors plus they sponsor an independent band picked by Metalocalypstick Fest judges.

The festival was founded by Kaija Kinney of Vancouver’s Anarcheon after researching a lack of female based metal festivals to apply her band to, Kinney took matters into in her own and decided to produce the event.

“This festival means the celebration of both sexes coming together and creating something amazing. People like to say women in metal aren’t a big deal anymore and that we are all the same. I feel that is untrue, this is still a male dominated world and woman are still looked as lesser. I want to showcase all these bad ass ladies and celebrate the differences of men and woman rather than pretend we are all equal. Truth is we are different why can’t we celebrate that?” says Kinney.

Festival Location:

Lone Butte Community Hall
5994 Hwy. 24
Lone Butte, BC

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