DARK REDEEMER - INTO THE DEEP BLACK - Reviewed At Redazione Italia di Metallo! Tuesday January 25 2022, 12:33 PM
DARK REDEEMER - INTO THE DEEP BLACK - Reviewed At Redazione Italia di Metallo!

DARK REDEEMER - INTO THE DEEP BLACK - Reviewed At Redazione Italia di Metallo ! Check it out here at this link: https://www.italiadimetallo.it/recensioni/32478/dark-redeemer/into-the-deep-bllack

Those who until a few years ago were known as Aleph,have decided to abandon the intricate paths of their progressive and atmospheric Death Metal to throw themselves headlong into the frank and true roots of the genre, changing name and image. Led by veteran Dave Battaglia, Dark Redeemer chose to regain the sound of their youth heroes, when Death Metal was a pioneering adventure and each group interpreted it in their own way and a sound was enough to identify well-defined leaders and currents, stylistically and geographically. And in this tribute operation are immediately recognized those grainy guitars "invented" in Sweden, which we have learned to love thanks to Entombed, Dismember, Carnage and company, combined with an atypical growl, old style, which, while reminiscent of a little Fantozzi with the potato in his mouth, also has noble ancestry(Tom G. Warrior, L.G. Petrov ...)

I would not honor the group, however, if I did not recognize, in addition to the obvious emulator intent, also the attempt to create something original, such as the inclusion of a fixed keyboardist in the formation. And in my opinion they do it intelligently, eschewing pompous symphonic orchestrations and preferring the sober use of pleasantly dated, atmospheric synths with disturbing phrasing, which directly evoke the first Nocturnus.

But is combining some old ideas of others enough to churn out a great record? Well, the shot is there, the attitude as well and, when ours hit the piece, the result is really convincing! For example, "Into The Deep Black", with its dilated, almost theatrical and declaimed moments, alternating with irrepressible shots up to an evocative and dramatic ending, is a really good song! The opening track "TMC" looks like an out-take of Clandestine and "Swallow the Cross" is a hellish doom swamp that immediately shoots in a desperate race in the mud, led with confidence by Manuel Togni, drummer perfectly at ease in the genre and able to give the songs those indispensable elements of recognizability. Interesting is the attempt at an "almost melodic" refrain of"Killing Ritual",one of the most dynamic and successful songs on the album, with the distorted bass that takes possession of the most cadenced openings like a spider walking on the canvas. The initial machine guns of "Christians" give hope for something devastating, but in the end it is "only" yet another well-made song, which entertains pleasantly and leaves without leaving large voids.

Boring but evocative the "Zombiemarch", which loads so much expectation without ever an explosion that satisfies it, until the disappointing conclusion in fade out. Too bad. Final with a bang thanks to "Burn Under The Blackened Sky": epic, ferocious, wild in its insistent eardrums, pulsating and apocalyptic as expected from the closing piece.

The overall sound is very tasty, with the paste of the guitars that leaves the bass perfectly audible, and a very natural drums that give dynamics and breath to the whole. Pleasant the rich presence of slowed down and suggestive moments that seem to be chipped at the Autopsy of Mental Funeral. In fact, now that I think about it, even the fast parts are very reminiscent of Reifert'sgroup, in a hypervitaminized version...

A record that leaves satisfied, but half satisfied: everything is done well, played great, with a well-focused aesthetic and a credible and engaging gloomy atmosphere, yet there is not a single riff that really excites, since all the "best" moments, those that make your ears stand up a little, simply seem to echo "the originals", those fabulous records that gave us a real thrill, more or less thirty years ago. - Redazione Italia di Metallo


Blasphemous Records is proud to announce DARK REDEEMER’s signing of the contract. They will join the band roster of Music for the Masses Group.

Born out of the ashes of the Bergamo (Italy)-based Death Metal band ALEPH, DARK REDEEMER will make its debut on September 24th   2021 with the full length “INTO THE DEEP BLACK”. An album with 9 old school sick, dark and violent tracks which will satisfy the fans of Obituary, Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Dismember,  early Entombed  and Celtic Frost. 

The album will be distributed by Sleaszy Music (USA), Code 7 (Europe), Wormhole Death Japan, Fans and Bands (Mexico), Egea Music (Italy) and digitally on all digital music stores. The promotion will be entrusted to Metal Devastation USA, Grand Sounds (Europe) and Mazzarella Press Office (Italy).

Into the deep black ALBUM COVER 1400x1400.jpg

DARK REDEEMER were born in the summer of 2018 out of the ashes of Aleph, a band devoted to an obscure, progressive death metal band that released four albums between 2006 and 2018. In spite of the great response, both by the fans and the press (Aleph were the Metal Hammer new Italian band of the year in 2006), and their live performances (with standings like Dismember, Necrodeath, Vision Divine and more), the four deathsters decided it was time to overturn their soundscape: the style of DARK REDEEMER was forged in the encounter of the impactful late 80s-early 90s Swedish Death Metal chainsaw-wall-of-sound of Grave, Dismember and Entombed and the mindset, the structures and the sick harmonies of the coeval U.S. scene (Obituary, Morbid Angel, Immolation), passing through the Great Founding Fathers, Celtic Frost. The outcome of it is an uncompromising, uptempo, relentless sonic assault which trasures the lessons given in the last 20-30 years in extreme metal music. And very old-school, indeed.

DARK REDEEMER leaves the listener breathless, dragging him/her into a mighty maelstrom of musical, lyrical violence and malignance. Thus, a return to the roots of the “Sound of Death”, more straightforward than ever and relieved of the progressive divagations which were pivotal in the band’s previous incarnation.

DARK REDEEMER’s debut album, “INTO THE DEEP BLACK” is scheduled for worldwide release on September, 24th by BLASPHEMOUS RECORDS. It will be distributed by: Sleazy Records (USA), Code 7 (Europe), Wormhole Death Japan, Fans and Bands (Mexico), Egea Music (Italy) and digitally on all digital music stores worldwide. The album’s promotion is entrusted to Metal Devastation USA, Grand Sounds (Europe) e Mazzarella Press Office (Italy).



Dave Battaglia – vocals, guitar
Manuel Togni – drums
Giulio Gasperini – Keyboards
Antonio Ceresoli – bass



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