Fixion - "Encrucijada" Metal from Uruguay Saturday September 26 2020, 11:31 AM
Fixion - "Encrucijada" Metal from Uruguay

FIXION debuted live in June 2002 and it was created by Daniel César (former bassist of Los Traidores), voice, guitar, keyboards and Production. The style of the band is quite personal, although it can be framed within the "Alternative Metal", or also "Gothic Metal", being a fusion of various influences, such as Rock, Metal, Electronic, Post-Punk and Classical Music.

FIXION's discography includes four studio albums: "En la Oscuridad" (2009), "Paraiso" (2014), "El Principio del Caos" (2018) and "Encrucijada" (2019), and two live: "Fugaz - Samples en vivo" (2012) and" Aeternam "(2016). All of his albums except the last one were nominated for "Best Metal and Hard Rock Album" and "Aeternam" for "Best Music DVD" at the Uruguay Graffiti Awards (similar to the Grammys).
As highlights of the trajectory we can mention the five international shows along with Sirenia (twice), Lacrimosa, The 69 Eyes and The Sisters Of Mercy, three of them performed in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In September 2016 they toured Spain, performing in Madrid, Barcelona and two dates in Gran Canaria, one of them "Winds Of Rock Fest" being the head of the cartel. This tour had the support of Ibermúsicas, Agadu, Sudei, MEC and FONAM and received good reviews from the press and public.



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