GRIIIM: new promo materials from PURITY THROUGH FIRE Saturday September 26 2020, 11:27 AM
GRIIIM: new promo materials from PURITY THROUGH FIRE

PURITY THROUGH FIRE is proud to present GRIIIM's highly anticipated second album, Bête immonde, on digipack CD limited to 200 copies.

This new GRIIIM opus has been recorded in MMXX, the year of chaos, by Maxime Taccardi (all instruments, artwork, and vocals) and mixed & mastered by Déhà at the Opus Magnum Studio, who took care of Taccardi's other project K.F.R with their newest album, Nihilist.

Bête Immonde is a direct follow-up to Pope Art, GRIIIM's challenging debut album for PURITY THROUGH FIRE last year, but more coherent and with a better production. Still as dark as it can be, GRIIIM is the sum of Maxime Taccardi's influences, going from all the music genres he came across: black metal, rap, electro, noise, world music, avant-garde, experimental, etc. No boundaries, and first and foremost, NO FUCKS GIVEN!


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