Autocatalytica’s Share Proggy Jazzy Math Rock Single “Cheggo” Off “Powerclashing Maximalism” Thursday September 24 2020, 6:24 PM
Autocatalytica’s Share Proggy Jazzy Math Rock Single “Cheggo” Off “Powerclashing Maximalism”

Pictured – Guitarist/Vocalist/Producer – Eric Thorfinnson
Photo Credit: Walker Esner

Autocatalytica   is a bubbling cauldron of scatter-brained prog-metal insanity helmed by guitarist/vocalist Eric Thorfinnson. The newest release for the band is   “Powerclashing Maximalism” , which is coming out on October 16th of this year. In anticipation of the release,   Autocatalytica   is releasing the second single   “Cheggo”   today .   The track is described by the band as   " A jazzy take on Math rock with its fair share of freneticism." .

Listen to   "Cheggo"   via its premiere on   HeavyBlogIsHeavy   HERE

Formed as a solo project in 2009, as an expressive outlet for Thorfinnson’s abstract angst and penchant for everything over the top. Thorfinnson has always drawn inspiration from a vast collage of different artists resulting in a sound that is sure to surprise and intrigue listeners of all persuasions.

The LP   “Powerclashing Maximalism”   is the band third and it explores all corners of   Autocatalytica ’s sound in a tight 36-minute runtime over eight tracks, from the Meshuggah-esque stomp of   “Borndun”   to the Jazzy Math Rock of   “Cheggo” . While at this time   Autocatalytica   exists solely as a recording project, no one knows what the future holds!

Thorfinnson's comments on the album:

"' Powerclashing Maximalism' is an expression of the many different facets of progressive and heavy music I am engaging at this point in my life, with little to no regard for thematic consistency between tracks. Each song is a fully realized Island of uniqueness that expresses something totally different from the previous one. On the last record, I felt like I was really losing perspective with what was good and quality (especially in the vocal department) seeing as I did so much of it completely isolated. With this record I really wanted to move away from that mindset and integrate as many collaborators as possible to create a sort of “Broken Social Scene” of metal type vibe. This was a fantastically inspiring experience and I am really grateful for having been able to work with so many different amazing musicians throughout the process."

For fans of Devin Townsend, Meshuggah, and Protest The Hero, the full release will be available on October 16th.
Album pre-order at .

First single   "Zippler"   -   YouTube

Track Listing:
1. Borndun (5:18)
2. Zippler (3:33)
3. Trash Serum (5:19)
4. Cheggo (4:35)
5. Dukka Dukka (6:00)
6. Bananas Have Potassium (4:05)
7. Crawboi (6:08)
8. Graveo (2:32)
Album Length: 37:34

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