Watch IRON MAIDEN’s Janick Hit A Security Guard With His Guitar Friday October 4 2019, 6:48 AM
Watch IRON MAIDEN’s Janick Hit A Security Guard With His Guitar

Things got escalated quickly at the recent Iron Maiden concert.
Guitarist Janick Gers, who is always swinging and throwing his guitar live, lost grip of his instrument during a recent concert.
Fans took to social media and said:
“At the last U.S. ‘Legacy Of The Beast’ tour date in San Antonio [on September 25], Janick was twirling his guitar and he lost control of it and it flew off and hit a security guard in the back of the head and upper torso.
“It literally flew about ten feet!! They returned it and you could tell he was apologetic. The security guard was okay but his eyes were the size of golf balls and he was in shock. The security guard wasn’t injured, as it was a grazing blow, but he was clearly shaken for a moment.”
Legendary Iron Maiden have been on tour for more than 2 years now after the release of their last studio album. Frontman Bruce Dickinson is one of the best frontman of all time. Iron Maiden celebrated the success of the album with a world tour with a phenomenal production. Onstage as well as offstage, Bruce is a legend who cares for his fans. Iron Maiden production is huge and fans get to witness the best in the business performance by the legends. Recently there was an incident at the venue when Iron Maiden were on stage.
Watch the video below and let us know your opinion in the comments:

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