Metal United World Wide - The Voice for the Underground: Compilation CDs Sunday September 20 2020, 4:56 PM
Metal United World Wide - The Voice for the Underground: Compilation CDs

Today would have been the big day for the underground Metal communities around the world. 2020 started very much in favour of MUWW. Metal Hammer UK rewarded our efforts of uniting the worldwide metal scene with a nice long feature. Furthermore, over 60 countries would have joined the MUWW movement this year. 24 hours live music. COVID-19 forced us (like so many others) to cancel. We are looking now towards MUWW 2021.

We still want to celebrate this day. So, we decided to release 3 digital compilation CDs. There is one for each year with an actual show (2018 and 2019) with the bands who played at one of the shows. For 2020, we created a CD as well with potential bands who could have played MUWW shows. There are now 50 songs from 40 different countries and it truly is an amazing range of genres with Sleaze Rock, Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Progressive and so many more. Moreover, bands from many different countries contributed. Artists from Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Finland, Germany, India, Kosovo, Latvia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Malta, Mongolia, Mozambique, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela are featured. So lean back and enjoy this amazing collection of WORLD METAL! \m/\m/

Here is the link to the Bandcamp page:

https://black- roosentertainment.bandcamp. com/

MUWW or Metal United World Wide includes everyone who wants to join this celebration. There is only one requirement to join, organise a metal show on the date of MUWW. It is a collection of smaller and bigger shows, concerts, festivals, or even band practice. MUWW initiator Michael Lueders says:   “The more countries participate, the better.   MUWW is meant for virtually all metalheads on this planet.”   Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia… some rather remote countries had joined the movement in the last years with a great display of love for metal. Even Syria and Afghanistan became part of the initiative with an unforgettable concert in Damascus Bazar and a pyrotechnic loaded show in Kabul which would have made Rammstein jealous.   “It is so great to see even the most hidden-to-the-world metal scenes coming out and celebrating together on MUWW days” , explains Michael passionately.
Join us in looking forward to MUWW in 2021. We'll be back!

Tracklist 2020
  1. Motör Militia   (Bahrain) - Supremacy
  2. Oculos   (Turkey) - Remorse
  3. Slaves of Kali   (Germany) - Tripping in Trenches
  4. Brotthogg   (Norway) - Draugen
  5. Crossbones   (Albania) - Gjallë
  6. Ravenhate   (Ukraine) - Zaporozhye
  7. Fallen Outcast   (Poland) - Don't tell Mama
  8. BMV   (Kosovo) - I Krist
  9. Riff Action Family   (Russia) - Barbara
  10. Undusted   (Latvia) - The Seventh Race
  11. The Black Order   (USA) - The Struggle
  12. Bofo Kwo   (Finland)- Green Leviathan
  13. Daemon Forest   (Portugal) - Priests of Sodomy
  14. Draconis   (Argentina) - Stair of the Death
  15. Parasital Existence   (Uruguay) - The Last One
  16. Eternal Evil   (Sweden) - The Nocturnal Omen
  17. Basher Of Thoughts   (Syria) - Mental Dysfunction
  18. Crashtime   (Switzerland) - Today`s World
  19. Seventh Station   (Slovenia) - Morning Silence
  20. Age of Emergence   (Australia) - Your Kingdom Dies
Bandcamp page
Tracklist 2019
  1. SaneSirens   (Lebanon) - Light Awaits
  2. Deathnir   (New Zealand) - Souleater
  3. Steel Sword   (Peru) - The Black Corsair
  4. The Lightbringer   (Canada) - Enchantment
  5. Red Sea   (Australia) - Time Crystal
  6. Crossbones   (Albania) - The Awakening
  7. Animamortua   (Malta) - Dark Matter
  8. Vile Hex   (Venezuela) - The Root of Evil
  9. Larrong   (Malaysia) - Chant of the Axecutioners
  10. Frisson   (Kosovo) - Rorschach
  11. Bloody Tyrant   (Taiwan) - In The Shade Of Leaves
  12. Bloodisle   (Poland) - Desiderata
  13. Suppressor   (Costa Rica) - Terminal Death
  14. Twilight Glimmer   (Colombia) - Replicants of a Deadly Concept
  15. Carnivola   (Thailand) - The Renegade
  16. Hate S.A.   (Bolivia) - Devorador
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Tracklist 2018
  1. Ancestor   (China) - Bloody Repression
  2. Amorphia   (India) - Blazing Glares
  3. Enthronemen t (Bulgaria) - Fire Still Burns
  4. Snake Bite Whisky   (Australia) - Shoot You Down
  5. Thola   (Switzerland) - Heroes
  6. Thy Despair   (Ukraine) - Falling Star
  7. Aravt   (Mongolia) - Tsusan ushuu
  8. Lelahell   (Algeria) - Adam The First
  9. Norbormide   (Mozambique) - Vozes
  10. Gweorth   (Russia) - Utburd
  11. Crossbones   (Albania) - Gates Of Hell
  12. Land Of Confusion   (Kosovo) - Arch Of Gods
  13. Thy Dominion   (Uruguay) - An Empty Coffin
  14. Ilemauzar   (Singapore) - Relinquishing the Faith
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