Existance Depraved - The Herd - Streaming At Mayhem Radio Sunday September 13 2020, 9:49 AM
Existance Depraved - The Herd - Streaming At Mayhem Radio

Show - Mayhem Extra Volume 3
Link - https://www.mixcloud.com/Mayhemradio/mayhem-extra-vol-3/
Presenter - None, Playlist only
Debut Date - 13/09/20
Track List -

Hatebreed - Weight Of The False Self
Epica - Memento
Ihsahn - Manhattan Skyline
Rusty Eye - This Is Permanent
Anaal Nathrakh - The Age Of Starlight Ends
Ensiferum - Run From The Crushing Tide
Jinjer - Teacher, Teacher (Live)
Lik - Funeral Anthem
Nachtblut - Leierkinder
Six Feet Under - Amputator
The Unguided - Never Yield
Ward XVI - Shadows
Corners Of Sanctuary - The Truth In Lies
A Joker Among Thieves - Stomp On My Heart
Sabrewulf - Warbreeder
Alter Idem - Paradoxical Design
Martyr - Fire Of Rebellions
Madrost - A Violent End To life
Existance Depraved - The Herd
Becoming - Powerlines
Dead Quiet - Forever Unsung
Isolert - Extinction
Septage - Corrupted And Outrid
Hellz - Waiting On the Other Side
Like Moths To Flames - YOTM
Sundressed - Size Of My Heart
Warlung - Snake Eyes
Octopus Montage - Grow Up
Theotoxin - Philosopher
Apollo Stands - Shitty Zombies

Finnish metal band Existence Depraved has changed their line-up, and released a new song! The new song: “Reflects the energy with which we are ready to take things forward”. The first long play will be made as soon as a permanent drummer is found in the group. Existence Depraved released their debut E.P. last year, entitled " Hectivity " The band has grown from a duo to a trio. The revamped line-up now presents its muscles with a new track, " The Herd" .

The Herd " is an outgoing song and therefore a good reflection of the kind of energy we are ready to take to get the job done from now on. The grip on the hustle and bustle is milling and relentless, enthuses Toni Tieaho .

The band will start working on their debut album and touring as soon as they find a regular drummer in the ranks. New single " The Herd " out now! The Finnish metal maniacs will strike back with a persistent and fresh touch!

For fans of Children of Bodom, Battle Beast, Stratovarius

Watch the new video here!

Check out the new song on Bandcamp! Check out their previous release!

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