ACHERONTIA STYX - SHADOW & FLAME Saturday September 12 2020, 4:17 PM

 Adam Ashbridge - Lead Guitar, Arrangements and Production  

Grant Crossan - Lead Vocals and Arrangements
  Paul Taylor - Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar and Production  

Jake Burden-Stokoe - Lead Vocals and Drums

Haling from Northern England, Acherontia Styx bring multiple creative influences to the table. Their core sound is steeped in 90s Groove and Death Metal, with individual members bringing a host of external flavours into the mix including PROG, GRIND and FUNK, for fans of Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Killswitch Engage, At The Gates

The result is a melodic and emotional Metal masterpiece laden with catchy hooks, ferocious rhythms and solos that are bordering on genius.

The band launch a 3 pronged lyrical attack on the listener, with vocal and writing duties duties shared between Grant, Jake and Paul, over compositions primarily written by the phenomenal writing team of Adam Ashbridge and Paul Taylor

The follow up to last years acclaimed debut "Your Possible Pasts" has already generated a wealth of stunning press comments and media support following the singles "As Above So Below", a brutal slice of Old School Death Metal mastery, and "Blackened Serenade", a highly emotional Melo-Death showcase of the bands depth in talent.

The addition of these final tracks to the press folder marks the completion of the album, after production stalled due to recent world events.

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