Russia's DUNWICH stream CALIGARI debut at Wednesday September 2 2020, 6:05 PM
Russia's DUNWICH stream CALIGARI debut at

Today, Russian sonic alchemists  Dunwich  stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut album,  Tail-Tied Hearts , at heavily trafficked web-portal . Set for international release on September 4th via  Caligari Records   on CD format, hear   Dunwich 's  Tail-Tied Hearts  in its entirety exclusively   HERE .

Dunwich   are a power-trio hailing from Russia, and are one of the most unique and exciting bands   Caligari   has come across in recent years. The label is absolutely thrilled to be unveiling the band's very first recording, a fully realized full-length bearing the enigmatic title  Tail-Tied Hearts .

As a trio,   Dunwich   are undoubtedly a sum of their three parts. To understand the background of each member, given the circumstances for so many calling Russia home, is to more fully understand   Dunwich   the band.

Frontwoman Margarita Dunwich is not only the band's voice and style; her life consists of heavy music and dark aesthetics. She often advocates style, particularly the influence of her father, who grew up behind the Iron Curtain and picked up new hard rock releases when it was extremely difficult to do so.

Guitarist/organist Anton Bronikov was born into a musical family and, since childhood, attended music school. As an informal teenager in a quiet southern Russian town, he began to appreciate music not only for rebellion but also for drive.

Drummer Mikhail Markelov connected himself rather late with the world of music: he sat down on drums for the first time after leaving school. Self-taught, he learned to play diverse styles by accepting the fact that good music is not always associated with genre.

Together,   Dunwich   is an attempt to dive into the bottomless ocean of your emotions. This is an unexpected call in the desert of your consciousness. This is a walk through the dark forest of your mind.   Dunwich 's goal is to make you look into the abyss of your thoughts. They want to remind you of what you diligently avoid every day; your emotions will say everything for them.

To pinpoint the peculiar magick of  Tail-Tied Hearts  is to undermine   Dunwich 's boundary-free artistry. Surely, there exist frayed threads of doom, prog, darkwave, black metal, post-punk, and plenty of other orbiting points across and around. But more accurately, each of the eight component songs comprising  Tail-Tied Hearts  exists as its own world, its own experience, yet all worlds/experiences tied into a greater whole - a much, much greater WHOLE, and one that's as devouring as it is liberating. And therein lies the paradoxical beauty of   Dunwich ...

Words fail to do this justice. Hearing is believing, and believing is immersing.   Dunwich   dare you to enter their  Tail-Tied Hearts .

Fully enter their mesmerizing, magickal world exclusively   HERE , courtesy of Visual accompaniment can be found in the form of the previously revealed video for "Solitude"   HERE   at the band's official YouTube channel as well as the previously revealed video for "Through the Dense Woods"   HERE   at   Caligari Records ' official YouTube channel. Preorder info can be found  HERE  at   Caligari 's Bandcamp. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Dunwich (Russia)'s  Tail-Tied Hearts
1. Glow
2. Through the Dense Woods
3. Solitude
4. Wooden Heart
5. Mouth Of Darkness
6. Fall
7. Sanctuary
8. The Sea


MORE INFO: caligarirecords
www.caligarirecords.bandcamp. com  

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