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(Self-production) After a decent batch of singles and an EP, Texan Scrollkeeper launch into their debut: “Auto da fe” (written like this) is a compact and red-hot US metal cast. “LadyDeath” has a magical sound, from us power / ancient thrash, which refers above all to the dark plots of Helstar (not surprisingly, we are always in Texas): the result is impactful, the long section of convincing solos. "Valhalla's Gates" is a relentless earthquake, while the title track returns, perhaps with too much adherence, to the atmosphere of "A distant Thunder" (in some passages it seems to hear "The King is dead". At the center of the disc a small disappointment: " Giles de Rais ", dedicated to Joan of Arc's comrade in arms, plays on the one hand verbose and on the other not very organic. It is not the only misstep in the lineup, because on" Path to Glory "the vocal lines are too elementary and not very suitable The record rises with the rough speed of "Blood and Sand", and with the dark and rhythmic "Surrender"; before the end there is still space for the sometimes blackened plots of "Fortune favors the Bold", dedicated to William the Conqueror (yes, it is no coincidence that many songs have themes related to history, because the vocalist Justin McKittrick is a teacher of this matter). The inaccuracies typical of a debut do not prevent “Auto da fe” from being enjoyable.

(René Urkus) Rating: 7/10

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