DEE SNIDER 'People All Over The Globe Think DONALD TRUMP Is 'A F**king Joke' Friday July 10 2020, 5:55 AM
DEE SNIDER 'People All Over The Globe Think DONALD TRUMP Is 'A F**king Joke'

Dee Snider   says that   President Donald Trump   is viewed as "a joke" by the public in many countries.

The   TWISTED SISTER   frontman, who got to know   Trump   personally after appearing more than once on   "The Celebrity Apprentice" , took to his   Twitter   on July 6 to share a meme showing   Donald Trump   embracing   Vladimir Putin , who is dressed in leather. He wrote in an accompanying message: "Honestly, I travel all over the globe and it's embarrassing how they view the president of our country. To see pictures like this in papers, online, on t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs all over the world is humiliating to me as an American. #MAKEAMERICAAMERICAAGAIN"

Earlier today, one of   Snider 's   Twitter   followers weighed in, writing: "I actually communicate with quite a few Europeans on   Facebook , and most of them say that   Trump   hate in their countries is highly exaggerated in American press."   Snider   disagreed, firing back: "Do your really want to compare passport stamps with me & @TraciiGuns ? You're reading shit on your twitter feed, while we are traveling the damn world, walking the streets, meeting & conversing with world citizens. They don't think   Trump   is a joke, THEY THINK HE'S A FUCKING JOKE!"

A January 2020 report from the   Pew Research Center , a non-partisan U.S.-based opinion pollster, showed that only 29% of countries expressed confidence in   Trump   last year. The report was based on a survey of nearly 37,000 individuals across 33 countries from May to October of last year.

This is not the first time   Snider   has been critical of   Trump . Earlier this month, the rocker blasted the billionaire real estate mogul as "a commie-loving traitor" who is prostituting our democracy.

Back in November 2017,   Snider   said that he could no longer be friends with   Trump   because he did not share the president's views on important issues, including the Trump administration's harsh immigration policy.

Snider   found himself in the middle of controversy in 2016 when he asked   Trump   to stop using the 1984   TWISTED SISTER   anthem   "We're Not Gonna Take It"   in his campaign. The singer said at the time that   Trump   was very gracious about the request.

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