THE PASSING set release date for CALIGARI debut EP Monday August 17 2020, 4:22 PM
THE PASSING set release date for CALIGARI debut EP

Today, Caligari Records sets September 11th as the international release date for The Passing's self-titled debut EP on cassette tape format.

Hailing from Los Angeles, The Passing formed back in the fall / winter of 2018 before the world took a shit on itself. Comprising the members Ian, Fox, Izzy, and Marvin, every member of The Passing is influenced by all types of hardcore, punk, D-beat, and metal, each generally stemming from the greater Scandinavian region. Thus, across the band's The Passing debut will you hear a whole lot of classic Anti-Cimex, Black Uniforms, Wolfpack, Skitsystem, Mob-47, Disfear, and early Swedeath (as filtered through D-beat, or vice versa) but put through a punishingly metallic filter. As such, all lyrics are written by Ian, and are about death, the world being shit, and religions sucking.

Filth, fury, no more, but definitely no less: The Passing's opening seven-track salvo is sure to crush unbelievers firmly underfoot.

Start believing with the brand-new track "Buried and Forgotten / In Its Grip"  HERE  at Caligari's Bandcamp, where the tape can be preordered. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for The Passing's The Passing
1. Condemned
2. Please Him
3. Worthless Existence
4. Deeper
5. Torment
6. Buried and Forgotten / In Its Grip
7. Necrophile

MORE INFO: caligarirecords
www.caligarirecords.bandcamp. com  

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