WinterheartH - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show Saturday August 15 2020, 11:10 AM
WinterheartH - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show

Andrew from WinterheartH joins us on the show to talk about the new record "Riverbed Empire". We take questions from the live chat as well during the show and play new tracks from the record as well as new music from Darkened, Empyrean Fire, Desolator, Bastard Priest, Assimilation, Mos Generator, Saprophyte in Bloom (Battle Of The bands Winners), RAVENSIRE, The Uneven, Redeye Caravan, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Kill Frenzy, Vessel of Light, Ron Coolen, Bisönte, Diggeth, The Crooked Whispers, DUNWICH, Enwretch, Inception Of Eternity, INTOXICATED (Florida), Ghoulhouse, Self Hypnosis, Veritas, SAMMAS' EQUINOX, Theotoxin, and Ocean Gates!

Track List:

1 - Nekros Manteia/Dead Body Divination/Pandemonium - Darkened (International)
2 - The Zach Moonshine Intro
3 - Corruption - Empyrean Fire
4 - Portal Tomb - Desolator
5 - Eyes Of The Possessed/March Into Obliteration - Bastard Priest
6 - Tainting The Purity - Assimilation
7 - WinterheartH interview featuring North Star, Be My Guide/Sunset Over Winter Corpses/Riverbed Empire (Featuring Hugo Doyon-Karout...
8 - Godhand Iommi - Mos Generator
9 - When Roots Are Rotten - Saprophyte in Bloom
10 - Dawning in Darkness - RAVENSIRE
11 - No More Violations - The Uneven
12 - El Muerto - Redeye Caravan
13 - Cruel Hands of Time - Tygers Of Pan Tang
14 - Controlled - Kill Frenzy
15 - Last Ride - Vessel of Light
16 - Paradise - Ron Coolen
17 - Our Home - Bisönte
18 - Worship The Sun - Diggeth
19 - Profane Pleasure - The Crooked Whispers
20 - Through the Dense Woods - DUNWICH
21 - Anthropophagy - Enwretch
22 - Children from Hell (feat. SINtana) - Inception Of Eternity
23 - Grab The Rope - INTOXICATED (Florida)
24 - The Beast Of The Morgue - Ghoulhouse
25 - Empowered (Restricted) - Self Hypnosis
26 - Morbid Stale - Veritas
27 - Northern Gate of the Sun - SAMMAS' EQUINOX
28 - Obscure Divinations - Theotoxin
29 - Snake Circle - Ocean Gates

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For fans of:
Cradle of Filth, Immortal, Enslaved, Beyond Creation, Devilment, Entombed, Toxic Holocaust, Venom

Riverbed Empire, featuring lyre and vocal contribution from Anabelle Iratni (Devilment) plus a fretless bass solo by Hugo Doyon-Karout (Beyond Creation/ Equipoise/Brought by Pain), is the third full length composition by Eastern Canada’s blackened metal trio WinterheartH. The album focuses on the timeless paradox of a beautiful evil by detailing lesser known pieces of Newfoundland folklore and the intricacies of global atrocities. Andrew Marsh is letting fans know, “this album is another evolution in the WinterheartH saga. It has been a long 4 years and we’re not just picking up where we left off, we’re setting new standards for ourselves.” Riverbed Empire offers black metal roots fused with progressive elements; ever darker soundscapes juxtaposed with shimmers of light. Riverbed Empire will be released August 21. pre-order will be available August 14 at:

Mark Richards has been called to action to illustrate a cover that personifies the natural contrast of life’s beautiful darkness by drawing upon aspects of one of literature’s most resonant works, Inferno by Dante. The three Furies against an infernal castle backdrop solidifies the overarching menacing sensibilities throughout the music. Mark’s previous work includes illustrations for: Primus, The Black Dahlia Murder, Pig Destroyer, and Carnifex.

WinterheartH is:

Andrew Marsh - Guitar / Vocals
Brad Ivany - Drums
Lenny Carey - Bass

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