New Promo: B.o.Gora Presents Latest Single "Vulnerable, Venerable" (Nu Metal) Tuesday June 4 2024, 10:06 AM
New Promo: B.o.Gora Presents Latest Single "Vulnerable, Venerable" (Nu Metal)

Release date : 12/22/2023

Genre description: Nu metal , Avant garde metal 

FFO: Korn , Skinny Puppy , Limp Bizkit

Location: London


B.o.Gora Presents Latest Single "Vulnerable, Venerable"

B. o. Gora is an indie solo project based in London who is pleased to share with the audience a new single, “Vulnerable, Venerable,” which came out on December 22, 2023. Taking elements of Nu Metal and Avant-Garde Metal, B. o. Gora is a band that fans of Korn, Skinny Puppy, and Limp Bizkit will enjoy. 

B. o. Gora is the resurrection of the early 2000s Italian Crossover NuMetal band Biogora. Following the artist’s move to London, he rechristened the concept, with the music comprising elements of extreme punk, industrial metal, rap/trap, and experimental electronic. This evolution has made B. o. Gora to develop a special and a strong form of writing. 

At the moment, B. o. Gora is preparing a single collection of the best songs released to date, as well as new compositions, arranged for a concert. The artist is on the constant search for shows and is creating a lineup of people to bring this exciting music to the stage. 

More updates on more performances and new releases from B. o. Gora are still pending in the near future. 

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