Oneiric Celephais Streaming Entire New Album On MDR! Wednesday August 5 2020, 5:57 AM
Oneiric Celephais Streaming Entire New Album On MDR!

Full stream of 'The Obscure Sibyl';  Oneiric Celephaïs debut EP. The Italian Technical Death Newcomers are proud to present you with the highly anticipated offering. Their debut EP, 'The Obscure Sibyl', offers four atmospherically vicious tracks, within a 25-minute-long journey inspired by HP Lovecraft and Norse Poesy. 


Track List
1. The Eldritch Dark (0:06) 
2. The Aeon of Death (1:06) 
3. From Beyond (8:37)
4. Vǫluspá (13:02)

A quote from the band:
”We are really excited to finally release our debut EP. We have been very impressed with the response we have received from reviews and listeners so far. We hope you all enjoy the EP in its entirety. We can’t wait to be back on stage in the coming months to properly present it to all of you!”

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