World Of Metal - June 2020 Wednesday July 29 2020, 5:55 PM
World Of Metal - June 2020

Let's all try to survive this

It's not being easy to adapt the current state of affairs but each one of us is doing our best to do so. We at World Of Metal are not different so we could only bring to you today our June newsletter, way long overdue. Well let's just continue to do our best with what we've got. And by that, here it is, more reviews!

Top 20 - Álbum do Mês /  Top 20 - Álbum Of The Month
Abrams – “Modern Ways” 
Asenblut – “Die Wilde Jagd”
Bait – “Revelation Of The Pure” 
Basement Critters – “God Save Us As. Jpeg”
Bear – “Propaganda”
Caligula’s Horse – “Rise Radiant” 
Centinex - "Death In Pieces"
Forgotten Tomb – “Nihilistic Estrangement” 
Lesser Glow – “Nullity”
Mean Messiah – “Divine Technology”
Naglfar – “Cerecloth”
Paradise Lost – “Obsidian” 
Pattern-Seeking Animals – “Prehensile Tales”
Ruadh – “The Rock Of The Clyde”
Scarab – “Martyrs of the Storm”
Shrapnel – “Palace For The Insane”
Sinister – “Deformation Of The Holy Realm”
Sorcerer – “Lamenting of the Innocent”
Throwing Bricks – “What Will Be Lost”
Winterfylleth – “The Reckoning Dawn” 

A Constant Storm - "Lava Empire"
A Pale Horse Named Death – “Uncovered”
Aadal – “Silver”
Abysmal Grief – “Mors Eleison”
Across The Swarm – “Projections”
Ad Vitam Infernal – “Infernal Comedy”
Adliga – “Kali Pacіače Nіeba”
Aetherius Obscuritas – “Mártir”
Ainsoph – “Ω – V”
Alestorm – “Curse of the Crystal Coconut”
Alkira – “The Pulse”
All Life Ends – “The Plague Of Man”
Alogia – “Semendria”
Amnutseba – “Emanatism”
An Autumn For Crippled Children – “All Fell Silent, Everything Quiet”
Ancharge – “A.P.A.B. (All Politicians Are Bastards)”
Angellore – “Rien Ne Devait Mourir”
Arcada – “Projections”
Arcana 13 – “Black Death”
Argus Roh – “Worlds Collide”
Arrm – “II”
Asarhaddon – “Reysa”
Ashes Of Life – “Seasons Within”
Ashtar – “Kaikuja”
Atomic Drop – “Mid-Card Purgatory”
Aurium – “The Second Sun”
Awake The Mutes – “Eyes”
Bad Marriage – “Bad Marriage”
Baron Crâne – “Commotions”
Baxaxaxa – “The Old Evil”
Benighted – “Obscene Repressed”
Beyond The Black – “Hørizøns”
Bismarck – “Oneiromancer”
Black Falcon – “Ego Mortem Machina”
Black Vice – “The Alchemist's Vision”
Bleed From Within – “Fracture”
Bloodred – “The Raven’s Shadow”
Bloodyard – “Orchard of Corpses”
Blowtorch – “Hangoverdose”
Born In Exile – “Transcendence”
BPMD – “American Made”
Caskets Open – “Concrete Realms Of Pain”
Ceremonial Oath – “Carpet”
Chaos Over Cosmos – “II”
Chronicles of Hate – “Birth of Hate”
Cirith Ungol – “Forever Black”
Clouds Taste Satanic – “The Glitter Of Infinite Hell”
Congruity / Hate Disposal – “Two Paths Of Extreme Greatness”
Curse The Son – “Excruciation”
Darius – “Live Ebullition”
Dark Arena – “Alien Factor”
Dätcha Mandala – “Hara”
Dead End – “All The Freedom In Your Mind”
Deadline – “Cathedral Point”
Death. Void. Terror. – “To The Great Monolith II”
Demonic Death Judge – “The Trail”
Derek Fresquez & Cuttin The Chord – “Something to Lose”
Desert Storm – “Omens”
Devil’s Bargain – “Visions”
Dexter Ward – “III”
Downcross – “Current Towards End”
Draggin Ass – “Skeletons”
Dreaming of a Landscape – “Zona Interdita”
DSM – “Elévations”
Egestas – “Oltre Le Rovine”
Eisenhauer – “Blessed Be The Hunter”
Eisregen – “Leblos”
Electric Feat – “Electric Feat”
Enzo And The Glory Ensemble – “In The Name Of The World Spirit”
Espiral - "Cuando Vuelve El Sol"
Ethir Anduin – “Pathway To Eternity. The Agony”
Exlibris – “Shadowrise”
Fading Azalea – “Maze Of Melancholy”
Fausttophel – “No Liars Among The Fallen”
Final Coil – “Convicted Of The Right”
Final Conflict – “The Rise Of Artisan”
Flames At Sunrise – “Born In Embers”
Folian – “Blue Mirror”
Forgery System – “Demons Among Us”
Freeways – “True Bearings”
Funeral Bitch – “The 80’s Demos”
Geezer – “Groovy”
Gomorrah – “Reflections Of Inanimate Matter”
Grave Digger – “Fields Of Blood”
Green Carnation – “Leaves Of Yesteryear
Growing Horns – “The Nobility Of Pain”
Haissem – “Kuhaghan Tyyn”
HAR – “Anti-Shechinah”
Hardline – “Life Live”
Häxanu – “Snare of All Salvation”
Hell Obelisco – “Live In Stockholm”
I, The Weapon – “The Ivy”
Idolatrous – “Sorrow On Midgard”
Idolos – “Ahi Cab”
Ignea – “The Realms Of Fire And Death”
Impenetrable Darkness – “Cosmic Termination”
Impenetrable Darkness – “Loyalty In Blackness”
Imperial Child – “Compass Of Evil”
Innards – “Back From The Grave, Straight In Your Face!!”
Irist - “Order Of The Mind”
Iron Flesh – “A Necro Dead One”
Ivanhoe – “Blood And Gold”
Ivar Kuura – “Hermitary of Oblivion”
Juice Oh Yeah – “Juice Oh Yeah”

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