Incognito Theory - The Brotherhood - Reviewed By Relentless Reviews With corbz! Friday September 2 2022, 8:46 AM
Incognito Theory - The Brotherhood - Reviewed By Relentless Reviews With corbz!

Incognito Theory - The Brotherhood - Reviewed By Relentless Reviews With corbz ! Check it out here at this link:

It’s been a while everyone and I’m sorry for the extended absence. As my schedule changes so does the input of reviews but I do them when I can and today is one of those days because I get to discuss one of my most anticipated records coming from the underground Metal circuit and that is this one right here. A band that is signed by the incredible people at ‘Ragebreed Records UK global international!’

When I first discovered the band I noticed the badass cadence they seemed to have, their energy and aesthic reminded me of bands from the late 80’s and 90’s with their roughneck style, groovy yet hard hitting approach to their production and instrumentation all of it was equal parts nostalgic and original.

As I was able to listen to the record that finally dropped I was blown away, it was everything I would of wanted and more from this band (based on the singles I had heard leading up to this project). What stuck out to me the most is the production of this record, this album for those who aren’t aware was mixed, engineered and produced by drummer ‘John Mosco’ and also executively produced by ‘Steve Zing’ of ‘Danzig’ which is a huge deal and excellent effort by both men! and you can hear the passion, importance and relevance they added to the sound and instrumentation they were using on this record to almost create a modern day love letter to the sounds of old.

From the very first track ‘Set It Off’ it goes from 0-100 in a second and it doesn’t slow down till the final track, every song (although raw in nature) has it’s own feel, it’s own presence and hunger to stand out from the crowd, but not in a messy disorganised fashion, more in the sense of an all star team filled with superstars all ready to shine and steal the show while making sure ‘the team’ is first priority.

Another thing I like about this record is that each track has a nice length to it, varying from 3 minutes to 4+ no song ever overstaying it’s welcome or dragging too long where you’d lose interest, every line, chord and note hit, sung and played to absolute crucial perfection for what the album needs and wants to be.

I feel that’s a very misunderstood concept among bands (old and new) so many bands feel they need to bloat the shit out of their record for more possible ‘plays’ or ‘streams’ which is the worst thing you could do. Of course there are bands who release long records and know what they want with it and that’s fine (when it’s done right) but if you want to make the right sonic statement you need to make sure each track is their for a reason, each song is at the purposeful length to grab and then keep and hold the attention of the listener just long enough for them to enjoy it and not too long that it wakes them out of it.

This is a big A+ to this band for doing things right. They have excellent production, instrumentation is tight and refreshing, the vocal performances are gritty and kickass and everything falls into place the way it should. If this album was any song shorter, it wouldn’t work as well, same goes for longer. They hit the perfect middle ground and I can happily say the record hit my expectations and more.

If your looking for a bold, badass boost of an album then this is for you! Go check it out today and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! - Relentless Reviews With corbz

Release Date: September 2nd, 2022

FFO: Hellyeah, Down, Texas Hippie Coalition

Location: New Jersey

Incognito Theory was formed in 2009 by lead singer lyricist and founder Dave Incognito. Incognito Theory have set the bar high to bring their unique blend of crossover hard rock southern groove metal. Fast-forwarding and moving forward from the older sound, with the help of producer, Steve Zing bassist of Danzig , drummer of Samhain has produced the self-titled EP. In addition, Symphony X bassist, Ross the Boss , Silent Assassins , and good friend Mike LePond has appeared on the album. Drummer and backing vocalist John Mosco appear on the album who is also lead vocalist and founder of Sixty Miles Down . Dave Crum lead guitarist of Sixty Miles Down lending his session services. The new permanent guitarist is Steve Bloodgood who is now playing guitar for the band.

Their self-titled EP was the birth of a new sound, American whisky fueled southern stoner hard rock and the EP got them signed to Ragebreed Records . The band signed a record deal with global label Ragebreed Records and through their CEO/PR and the assistance of Metal Devastation PR including the hard work and energy of the band, as a team, they have taken the world by storm within global media in the alternative scene.

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