Dystopia AD release new song "“Sisyphean Existence“ Friday July 17 2020, 4:07 PM
Dystopia AD release new song "“Sisyphean Existence“

Melodic death metal band DYSTOPIA AD have released their song “ Sisyphean Existence “ via No Clean Singing. The song is from their album   Rise of the Merciless  which will be released on July 31 2020.

Listen to the song here:  https://www. nocleansinging.com/2020/07/17/ an-ncs-premiere-dystopia-a-d- sisyphean-existence/

Pre-order the album here:  https://dystopiaad. bandcamp.com/

Dystopia A.D. are:
 Chris Whitby - vocals / guitar / bass

Aki Shishido - lead guitar



1. Red Sand

2. Nomad

3. Plaguebringers

4. Rise of the Merciless

5. Sisyphean Existence

6. Grave Pact

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