Police Identify ADRENALINE MOB Members Involved In Deadly Crash And Describes Their Injuries Saturday July 15 2017, 10:09 PM
Police Identify ADRENALINE MOB Members Involved In Deadly Crash And Describes Their Injuries

The   Florida Highway Patrol   has identified   the people involved in yesterday's crash that resulted in the death of   ADRENALINE MOB   bassist   David Zablidowsky .

The accident occurred near Micanopy early Friday afternoon when a tractor-trailer veered off Interstate 75 and struck the band's RV, which had pulled off the highway with a flat tire.   ADRENALINE MOB   was traveling in the RV and a van that was pulling a covered trailer.

According to   Gainesville.com , a total of nine people were in the vehicles. One died, six were taken to area hospitals, and the other two declined medical treatment. The majority of those injured were listed in serious condition and one was in critical condition as of late Friday night. Those injured were taken to UF Health Shands Hospital and North Florida Regional Medical Center.

The people in the crash and their injuries, as per the   Florida Highway Patrol :

*   Robert Edwin Haines , 59, of Largo, driver of the 2014 semi, who was not injured;

*   Jason McCole , 41, of Wilksbarre, Pennsylvania, driver of the RV, who was seriously injured;

*   Zablidowsky , 38, who was a passenger in the RV. [Note: The   Florida Highway Patrol   had not released   David 's identity to the media as of Friday evening, but   Zablidowsky 's brother   Paulie   confirmed his passing in a   Facebook   post.]

* A second passenger in the RV,   ADRENALINE MOB   singer   Russell Allen , 45, of New Jersey, who was seriously injured;

* A third passenger,   ADRENALINE MOB   tour manager   Janet Rains   (a.k.a. acclaimed singer   Jane Train ; apparently misidentified by   Gainesville.com   as   Janet Revis ), 48, of Pitts Pond, Pennsylvania, who was critically injured,

* A fourth passenger,   Dale Campiglia , 51, of Levittown, New York, who was seriously injured;

* A fifth passenger,   Robert Dressler , 45, of Plaines, Pennsylvania, who was seriously injured;

* The driver of driver of a 2003 GMC Sierra,   ADRENALINE MOB   drummer   Jordan Cannata , 27, of West Babylon, New York, who was seriously injured; and

* The lone passenger in the GMC,   ADRENALINE MOB 's 46-year-old guitarist   Mike Orlando   of Staten Island, New York, who was seriously injured.

The status of the injured is currently unknown, but   Orlando 's girlfriend   Dana Griffo   clarified on Facebook   late Friday night that   Orlando ,   Allen ,   Cannata   and   Dressler   were "banged up but ok." She also said that she was "praying for"   Campiglia ,   Rains   and   McCloe .

According to the police, the GMC was traveling southbound on I-75 near Mile Marker 372 with the RV, and both vehicles stopped on the shoulder. The semi collided with the vehicles that were stopped on the shoulder and the RV caught fire where the passenger died. The RV and the GMC were traveling together. The RV had a flat tire, so both vehicles pulled off the highway. The trailer that was being towed by the van was hauling musical equipment.

ADRENALINE MOB   was scheduled to play Friday night in St. Petersburg.

The band was touring in support of its third studio album,   "We The People" , which was released on June 2 via   Century Media . The follow-up to 2014's   "Men Of Honor"   was the first   ADRENALINE MOB   release to feature   Zablidowsky   and   Cannata .

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