Monte Luna Premiere Ep Via CVLT Nation Live Stream Friday July 3 2020, 10:27 AM
Monte Luna Premiere Ep Via CVLT Nation Live Stream

On july 3rd at 6:30 pm PDT, Texas sludge machine - Monte Luna will broadcast their bulletin of Doom to the human race. A 3 track transmission straight from the amplifiers of Monte Luna and beamed into homes around the world. The catalyst? CVLT Nation!

Monte Luna says:
This video is our take on the Cvlt Nation live streams as well as the streams everyone is doing, we've seen some good streams and some bad streams.We decided to go all "live at Pompeii" on it! We have been fortunate to quarantine as a band, and we miss seeing you all, we wanted to send off a broadcast into deep space, we hope you received this transmission well Earthlings! sit back, smoke up, drop some lsd and enjoy...your eyes are dazed and heavy..

stream can be viewed here:

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