CORPORATION SS/ BEATEN (SPLIT) - Reviewed By Loud Enough Magazine! Sunday September 5 2021, 7:19 PM
CORPORATION SS/ BEATEN (SPLIT) - Reviewed By Loud Enough Magazine!

CORPORATION SS/ BEATEN (SPLIT) - Reviewed By Loud Enough Magazine ! Check it out here at this link:

Corporation SS: Nine tracks of brutal war grind metal that aims to pound everything into submission. With deep, buzz saw riffs, hardcore punk drumming, deep growled vocals and a bass thumping the low notes, this is fast, heavy and raw with all the manic energy of old school punk and the aggression of hardcore yet is surprisingly melodic. Hardcore tracks like Grenade Launcher, Corporate Pig and Processed pummel the ears with savage brutality. Suffer is a fast and angry fusion of punk and metal. Loyalties Divided is more complex, mixing slower traditional metal and breakneck mania while the brief Wargasm opens with doom chords then erupts into chaotic energy. It’s all hard and heavy and damn good fun.

Beaten: Taking the heaviness in a different direction, this is six tracks of ferocious death metal with an emphasis on the death! The drumming is powerful. The vocals are deep and throaty yet are surprisingly clear for this style. The guitars are distorted yet have a warm and melodic tone with riffs that rise and fall. And it’s all suitably gory subjects too. Souls is heavy and hurtles along at speed. Insects and Kill The Priest add some fitting Sabbath style doom into the mix. Crosshairs and To Writhe In Blood are old school metal but faster, heavier, and darker while the macabre Stab Him moves from manically heavy to slow and doomy. This is clearly a band to keep an eye. - Loud Enough Magazine

For fans of Terrorizer , Driller Killer , Carnage , Seance , DOOM !

With the Covid-19 Virus launched upon civilizations and taking an unprecedented death toll, the giant corporations controlling health care & unscrupulous governmental kingpins have been aligning their dreaded cohorts to absorb coin from the unsuspecting public. It is time to launch the blitzkrieg precision attack of Corporation SS! With disdain in our hearts, we warn the general public from becoming pawns in the future days. Welcome the sounds of Corporation SS! We will be watching...

CSS is a death/grind band blasting out material reminiscent to the sounds of blitzkrieg grind & death over the years. With influences ranging from Napalm Death , Nasum and Terrorizer , these 3 musicians from Northwestern Indiana have been pummeling the metal scene with different bands. Collectively, they have played in INVASION , YELLOWTOOTH , ALTAR WHORE , SUMMON THE VENGEANCE , SKULLVIEW , OBESERVATION , SEA OF TRANQUILLITY and an onslaught of other local bands since the late 80s & early 90s.  

The band originally formed in 2003 when guitarist/vocalist PHLEGM ( PETE CLEMENS ) took a break from his band INVASION & started blasting out grinding death metal. Unfortunately, the only thing recorded at the time was an 7 track rehearsal that was buried under vinyl for years. In 2017 Pete resurrected the one time project & added guitarist Aaron Mote & drummer Austin Giese to fill out the sounds! And today it's been unleashed! 

Also included on this split cd are the Swedish-Inspired Warmongers BEATEN ! Hailing from the depths, we've recently discovered their EP and felt it was necessary to include them on this split CD. Listen to the music. And prepare for WAR! 

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