CENOTAFIO to release second album on vinyl via BLOOD HARVEST - streaming now Friday June 26 2020, 6:36 AM
CENOTAFIO to release second album on vinyl via BLOOD HARVEST - streaming now

Today,   Blood Harvest Records   sets September 11th as the international release date for   Cenotafio 's striking second album,  Larvae Tedeum Teratos , on vinyl LP format.

Originally released in 2019 on CD and cassette,  Larvae Tedeum Teratos  saw   Cenotafio   cement their position as one of Chile's best new-breed black/death bands - no mean feet, given the rich history of Chilean underground metal and its ever-thriving scene that's arguably even stronger today. Then again, the duo comprising   Cenotafio   are no mere newcomers, as both members have been playing in a number of hordes for over a decade, but both together in the esteemed Invehertex...

Nevertheless, as  Cenotafio , the duo of drummer/vocalist Patricio Kusnir and guitarist/bassist/vocalist Daniel Hermosilla have created a considerable canon in just five years together. A demo and a couple singles introduced the band initially, but it was 2017's  La fatídica excrecencia de la subtierra  debut album which put   Cenotafio 's supremely sepulchral ways on the international metal map. Amazingly, the duo topped that feat with the follow-up  Larvae Tedeum Teratos . A more concise but somehow simultaneously more sprawling work,   Cenotafio 's second album spread tendrils of terror and tension across the helpless listener and refused to relent its dread hold. Effortlessly shifting between ripped 'n' roiling speed and drowning-in-the-deep doom,  Larvae Tedeum Teratos  created a horrific world, its ceaselessly humid and punishingly physical soundfield wielded as almost an instrument onto itself. Blackened death metal, deathened black metal, blackdeathdoom, whatever you want to call it:   Cenotafio   truly arrived with this album.

Fans of the band since the beginning,   Blood Harvest  is honored to be finally unleashing   Cenotafio 's  Larvae Tedeum Teratos  on the format it so deserves - vinyl!

In the meantime, stream the album in its entirety   HERE   at   Blood Harvest 's Bandcamp. Preorder info can be found  HERE . C over and tracklisting are as follo ws:

Tracklisting for Cenotafio's  Larvae Tedeum Teratos

1. La Apoptosis [10:50]
2. El Martirio [8:25]
3. La Sentencia Y La Plaga [7:20]
4. Maleficae [10:35]


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