Streaming Now! Arcana’s Space Rock Opera “Letters From A Lost Soul | Act I: The World One Forms” Wednesday November 4 2020, 12:00 AM
Streaming Now! Arcana’s Space Rock Opera “Letters From A Lost Soul | Act I: The World One Forms”

Rogan McAndrews (Composer, Co-producer, Guitar, Bass, Vocals) | Photo Credit: Rogan McAndrews

Highly detailed with layers of vocal, orchestral interludes and a passionate story can all be found in the debut EP from Canada’s Arcana. This is the first piece of many in what is already a vast and colorful universe that the band has created.

Aiming to have listeners embrace music that is never stagnant and come away inspired, Arcana has weaved a tale of love, tragedy, and perseverance in the story of Damien. The band shares the details on the premise of the first act.

“This EP is a sort of love story from Damian to his wife Hope and their child Cassidy before tragedy strikes. I try to present what his anxieties and pressures are working far away from his family but also a lingering unstableness from within that is voiced by the character Nightmare that foreshadows the tragedy that is about to befall them. Throughout the “Letters from a Lost Soul” arc, Damian will be expressing all of these emotions through letters to his wife and child, the letters being the songs on each album and the characters writing back and forth.”

Arcana is mainly a two-man project split between the founder Rogan McAndrews and friend, drummer, and engineer Deyson Thiara in their respective home studios. Rogan records and programs all the guitars, bass, synths, orchestra, and vocals while Deyson records drums, reamps, and mixes and masters the tracks. Other musicians were recruited to play the parts of the characters who sing their way through the events that unfold.

Technical and cinematic, “Letters From A Lost Soul | Act I: The World One Forms” is poetic and thought-provoking and the perfect compliment to collections of prog fans, especially ones who enjoy Leprous, Coheed and Cambria, and Porcupine Tree.

Before it officially releases on Friday, November 6th, “Letters From A Lost Soul | Act I: The World One Forms” is streaming in full via its premiere on HERE

The EP will be available at , Spotify , Apple Music

Music Video - “Tailwind” - YouTube

Track Listing:
1. Letters From A Lost Soul (0:53)
2. Wings (7:11)
3. Tailwind (3:55)
4. Octosun/Wings (Reprised) (9:54)
EP Length: 21:55

EP Band Line Up:
Rogan McAndrews – Guitar, Bass, Vocals (Damian), Synths.
Anna Draper – Vocals (Hope)
Deyson Thiara – Drums

For more info: official arcanabandofficial


Arcana brings you a myriad of sounds from battering prog rock to delicate pop hooks, delivering you experiences that always inspire. With a narrative spanning across multiple albums, Arcana blends sci-fi, mythology, and a study of human action in the face of adversity.

Born from the mind of Calgary-based musician Rogan McAndrews, Arcana follows the story of a character named Damian as he attempts to mend his life and relationship with his wife Hope and daughter Cassidy in the wake of tragedy.

Beginning with the upcoming debut EP “Letters From A Lost Soul – Act I: The World One Forms”, is a concept record that explores a love story expressed through letters from Damian to his wife and child, but also give a glimpse into his anxieties and nightmares.

Damian and Nightmare are played by Rogan McAndrews.
Hope is played by Anna Draper.
News Anchors Dave and Alice are played by Chelsea Finnigan and Griffin.

“Letters From A Lost Soul – Act I: The World One Forms” is due out November 6th, 2020.

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