New Single: Vakaren - Subterranean Exile - (Black Metal) Monday November 6 2023, 3:17 PM
New Single: Vakaren - Subterranean Exile - (Black Metal)

Release Date: 12/15/23

Genre Description: Black Metal

FFO: Gaerea, Watain, Leviathan

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Vakaren started in late 2015 as a Raw Black Metal band. The band recorded several demos in complete isolation from the underground music scene. In 2018 Vakaren was picked up by the legendary underground label, Les Fleurs Du Mal, for the public release of their now sold-out Demo I. In early 2019 the band once again worked alongside Les Fleurs Du Mal to release their first album, Aeternum, which promptly sold out. Since the dissolution of Les Fleurs Du Mal Vakaren has been working from the shadows to release their own music as well as working alongside true underground labels such as WitchCvlt Records. The band's later output, while not as raw, still holds the same sinister edge as their earlier works while exploring denser atmospheres and more progressive songwriting styles. This is true Black Metal from the beyond!

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Vocals: Dazathamé
Guitar: The Apparition...
Guitar: Vieras
Bass: Fördömd
Drums: Vörðr

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