Gatekeeper Productions launches Canadian Distro “Charon’s Bell Curations” Saturday June 6 2020, 1:54 PM
Gatekeeper Productions launches Canadian Distro “Charon’s Bell Curations”

Amidst the shutdown of the live music industry, North American booking agency Gatekeeper Productions has launched a distribution mail/order called “Charon’s Bell Curations” with the vocalist of Aleynmord, who is under Gatekeeper Productions management. Gatekeeper Productions has, like many others, been forced to postpone multiple tours and shows with bands Rippikoulu, Harakiri for the Sky, Numenorean, Bolzer, Chthe’ilist, Panzerfaust, Suffering Hour and many more this year. Because of this, they came up with the idea to start a distro to help sell the merchandise many of these bands got stuck with due to the postponements of their tours. This plus the ever growing frustration of shipping costs and duties from ordering records from outside of Canada fueled the creation of the Québec based distro that  launched earlier this month.

They describe the distro as showcasing primarily their favorite albums that are less accessible to Canadians and Americans alike, and not being limited to just metal either. Among their catalog currently are Western Americana band Wovenhand, the post-punk/synthwave favorite Molchat Doma, psychedelic cult rock The Devil’s Blood, as well as black metal from bands like Cult of Fire, Blut Aus Nord, Forteresse, Leviathan, and many more.

Charon’s Bell Curations are shipping worldwide and you can find them on the social links below as well as shop at their website

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