'Sparks Fly" w/ DEMISE OF THE CROWN Music Video Premiere via NewFuryMedia Thursday June 4 2020, 7:14 PM
'Sparks Fly" w/ DEMISE OF THE CROWN Music Video Premiere via NewFuryMedia

Brandish your weapons and bare your teeth in the battle for new world order with metal quintet, Demise Of The Crown. Garnering a reputation for redefining modern metal with a sound that is a melting pot of styles, catchy choruses alongside explosive guitar solos reminiscent of Eddie Van Halen with undertones of Yngwie Malmsteen topped off with frontman Darren Beadman’s striking vocal techniques, the Montreal band unleashed their new album "Life In The City" this past April. 

Teaming up with NewFuryMedia, Demise of The Crown is excited to premiere their new music video 'Sparks Fly'  HERE .

Demise of The Crown's music, written by guitarist Manuel Iradian and vocalist Darren Beadman, uses standard pop music songwriting skills to hook listeners into their irresistible and melodic metal sound. Iradian writes all the music, then hands it off to Kevin “Kevy Metal” to dress up each song with his high-speed, galloping rhythms, finally, Beadman crafts the anthemic lyrics rousing crowds to chant along with an anarchistic frenzy. Each song is rooted in all basic human emotions; anger, lust, depression, happiness, death, and revenge.

Each member has spent their time paying dues in the Montreal metal scene and they have banded together with the same goal and vision of a band determined to shake the foundation of power metal. The current lineup of Beadman (vocals), Iradian (guitars), Kevin Alexander (drums), Simon Doiron (bass) and Vince Doiron (guitar) has been going strong over the years playing a plethora of gigs in their area and releasing their debut self-titled record in 2016.

Influenced by headliners like Nevermore, Avenged Sevenfold, Opeth, Pantera, and Faith No More, the band is working their way up the royal bloodline to cause chaos right alongside their heroes.

Demise of The Crown's new album "Life In The City" is available on  Bandcamp Spotify Apple Music .

'My Mind Is Free'   here.  
'Fixated'  here .
'Dying Heat' guitar playthrough  here .

Track Listing:
1. Dying Heat (3:50)
2. Sparks Fly (4:02)
3. Gatekeeper (4:08)
4. My Mind Is Free (4:06)
5. Wild Life (4:07)
6. The Immortal (3:40)
7. Glorious Life (3:21)
8. The Rise & The Fall (4:00)
9. Fixated (3:46)
10. Lightning Strikes (4:04)
11. Life In The City (4:29)
Album Length: 43:39

Darren Beadman - Vocals
Manuel Iradian - Lead Guitarist
Kevin Alexander - Drums
Simon Doiron – Bass
Vince Doiron – Guitar

"The track kicks into high gear right away with some intense riffing before quickly transitioning into a more melodic and calming verse which has a nice contrast to the heaviness of the rest of the song. Fast and heavy, yet harmonic and well-composed, “Dying Heat” is sure to get the crowd simultaneously moshing and singing along." - GearGods

"This is a banger. Let’s get that clear from the start. Demise of the Crown delivering a god-damn energetic and memorable metal album that really does walk the line between genius and madness. From keeping it fairly straight-forward and heavy with opener Dying Heat to the wild and hyper rock riffing and savage moments of the self titled finale. It’s a very enjoyable listen." - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“Life In The City”, Modern Meets Classic Metal "Canada’s DEMISE OF THE CROWN is a perfect combination of Modern and Classic European Metal, somehow they bridge the gap of decades of Metal to come up with a sound that any Metal fan will appreciate." - Rock Reloaded Radio

"Everything about Life In The City builds on the foundations laid by the self-titled debut. So, whilst being clearly very much the same band, Life In The City becomes Demise of the Crown +.... Beadman truly has all the tools to become one of heavy metal’s key vocalists moving forward. An explosive mix of Ripper Owens, Russell Allen and Archon Angel‘s Zachary Stevens, there appears to be literally nothing in the world of heavy metal vocalising that lies beyond his impressive grasp... This really is a band on the up-and-up, and they deserve your patronage." - Sentinel Daily

"“Dying Heat,”kicks off proceedings with a battering ram of a riff. From there it works its way around, slowly slamming the breaks and getting into breakdown territory. As things go from there, the vocals come in and haunt the living daylights out of the listener. " - The Median Man

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