New release from Doomed & Stoned Monday June 1 2020, 6:52 AM
New release from Doomed & Stoned

Doomed & Stoned just released Doomed & Stoned in The Netherlands,  check it out here .

Here’s what they say about it:
“We're officially kicking off summer with a brand new compilation!

Doomed & Stoned in The Netherlands (2020) is a collection of heavy underground bands carefully curated by long time Dutch contributor Willem Verhappen, with original artwork by Sjoerd Rekker. Includes a CD-style booklet that serves as a listening guide to each of the bands you'll encounter on the compilation.

As with all of our compilation, this Holland-focused album is a free download -- just enter "0" when asked to "name your price" (any donations we receive, however, are gratefully appreciated and help us to fund the entire compilation series, as we give away thousands of freebies each year).

With that, I hope you enjoy this devilishly downtuned and ferociously fuzzy rock and metal experience giving you a taste of the wealth of stylistic depth and variation from across the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with 32 doom-stoner bands featured!

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