Prog Heads Apple Sauce Release Pizza-themed Music Video Saturday May 30 2020, 12:32 PM
Prog Heads Apple Sauce Release Pizza-themed Music Video

Quirky Prog heads Apple Sauce have delighted their fans with a brand new track off of their debut album out later this year. Today, the Italian quintet has one mission alone: to teach everyone how to make true, Italian pizza. And what better suggestions can you follow other than the ones coming from five Italian metalheads? Read more about the single, and check it out via  New Noise Magazine .

Pizza is known all around the world as one of the perfect foods: it combines bread, tomato sauce and cheese. No matter how you arrange these ingredients, you're bound to come out with a solid meal, and Apple Sauce is here to show you the prime example. Follow them, step by step, in their creation of the perfect pizza, see how they fare, and try it yourself! No need to google recipes anymore, just watch the video, give it a try, and stuff your face.

Once again, like their previous single,if you peel back the first meaning of the lyrics - pizza is great, eat it and all your problems will disappear - Diego shows us that there's more to it that meets the eye: "Our Italian heritage plays a big role within the concept. The word "pizza" translates as "break", "relief", "joy", and also "proudness", to Italian men's ears. On the lyrics of the chorus of 'Sausages & Pears', a feeling of self-proudness shows violently. However, after removing some layer of irony from those verses, you can read a subtle criticism towards our folks, who mistake "to be proud of their nation" with straight parochialism. I mean, it is recognized worldwide that Italy is beautiful, and made in Italy is good, "Italians do It Better". But I wonder how many Italian stallions/geniuses/pizzaioli are aware of the beauty that can be found elsewhere."

You can stream or purchase "Sausages & Pears"  here , and pre-order the band's self-titled full length  here .

About the Act

Apple Sauce was born in 2016. The band recorded their self-titled debut, “Apple Sauce出鱈目” at Verbena Recording Studios, and shipped it off to get mixed and mastered by Federico Ascari of Wavemotion Recordings (Prospective, Glory Of The Supervenient, Drown In Sulphur). Their first effort will come to fruition and be released in 2020.
Apple Sauce has shared the stage with The Contortionist, Skyharbor, Sunprocrisy, Hypno5e, Ralph Salati (Destrage), Folkstone and and more, from across the world.



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