Frank X Interview & Podcast Sunday February 19 2017, 12:35 AM
Frank X Interview & Podcast

Frank X has studied to become a score composer and been playing his trade for almost 30 years.
He started with bands such as Damaged and Psychicthrob and was playing as a guitarist singer with two members of
Gorguts early line up: Steve Cloutier and Stephane Provencher. He spent the last 10 years working in his own home studio: UTOPIX STUDIOS and enhanced his artistic passions with various projects such as movies directing and acting, 3D animation, score composing, musical arrangements, mixing, scripting, artwork, imagery and poems.
Now he got back in the metal neighborhood for expressing all these rich experiences into a unique musical vibe reflecting the moods of his bursting imagination.
"Frank X & The project: Earth" debut album is actually the first of an epic humoristic trilogy about mankind evolution.


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