Fjoergyn Debut Video for 'Lucifer Es' Saturday February 18 2017, 5:18 PM
Fjoergyn Debut Video for 'Lucifer Es'

Avant-garde black metal specialists Fjoergyn are at it again as they edge closer to the release of their fifth full-length, titled Lucifer Es, with a video for their new song, also titled “Lucifer Es.”

“Lucifer Es” goes into the darker side of human behavior, as much of the band’s work in the past has.

“The main idea of the video is transformation,” guitarist/vocalist Stephan Löscher says. “The song ‘Lucifer es’ means ‘The devil is you.’ We wanted to show how people can change in consequence of being a part of this world. Many people of this world are corruptible. They would sell their souls and ideals for sway and wealth. This behaviour is judged by nearly everybody, because our moral still underlines our sworn loyalty for our principles. But those people transform too. We change ourselves influenced by medias and wrong prophets. We enjoy dulling our mind by television. We watch the news day by the day and realizing people are dying because of hunger and poverty, but we won't try to change something. We still support big concerns like Nestle (and so on) although we know people suffer because of them. We don't sell our souls, we spend our mind for them and become more and more blind and apathetic. If a wolf kills somebody, nobody could say that his behaviour is cruel because it’s his instinct. If we look at the world, watching the devil torture somebody, and are not willed to end this suffering, than we are nothing better than the devil. In relation to him we have a free will and a more or less working moral.

“Watch the video, our actor catches all the the evil of one heart and tattoos it on his breast. The devil waits in all of us and we feed him with the tales of the serpent!”

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