Reunited MORDRED Announce Virtual Concert Friday May 22 2020, 5:47 PM
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Reunited MORDRED Announce Virtual Concert

Reunited late '80s/early '90s San Francisco Bay Area funk-metallers MORDRED will play a LIVE virtual concert, "Acting A Fool" on May 24, 6:00 PM PDT at Soundwave Studios in Oakland California, performing songs from their new upcoming EP and LP for the first time anywhere!!

A promotional video for the event featuring Chuck Billy of TESTAMENT and Steve "Zetro" Souza of EXODUS can be seen below.

The show will also include performance by Bunny Pistol, hosted by comedian Brian Crow, and Interview with Ted Aguilar of Death Angel. The event's production is being handled and produced by Grey Haven Media who also produces Zetro’s Toxic Vault.

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The BNR Metal Pages says: Initially part of the San Francisco thrash fraternity of the Eighties, MORDRED starting making a name for themselves by incorporating funk influences to their sound, then quite a novelty. Most of "Fool's Game" (1989) is pretty much thrash (save one song), but the follow-up "In This Life" (1991) is where the new influences (aided by the rap-style turntables of Aaron Vaughn) really come to the fore, giving the album and band a very distinctive style. By the time of the "Vision" EP (1992), internal friction within the band developed, leading to the departure of longtime vocalist Scott Holderby. With new vocalist Paul Kimball, the band released "The Next Room" (1994), a slightly toned-down release compared to their previous efforts.


Scott Holderby - Vocals
James Sanguinetti - Guitar
Danny White - Guitar
Arthur Liboon - Bass
Aaron "Pause" Vaughn - Keyboards, Vocals, Turntables
Jeff Gomes - Drums

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