Desdemona - Lady of the Lore Digital Reprint Tuesday September 22 2020, 12:00 AM
Desdemona - Lady of the Lore  Digital Reprint

Elevate Records has always tried to enhance classic metal by trying to bring to light gems that have long since disappeared from the radars of distributions, either due to exhaustion of physical copies or failure to transpose into digital format.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful records ever produced in Italy in the power-speed metal field is  Desdemona's  debut work:  Lady of the Lore.

Released in 2002 by  Northwind Records  and recorded at New Sin Studios (Secret Sphere, Labyrinth....), this album is a concentrate of the best that Italian metal has managed to do in the power field and sums up the essence of what was the Italian scene of the end of the years. '90s and early 2000s: from epic metal, to guitar virtuosity, to extremely captivating melodies, everything on this album is at its best making the album one of the best debuts ever made .


Born in September 1997, with an initial line-up of four, after a fifth member, the keyboardist, joined the group, the band acquired a new musical awareness, and in March 1998 the first self-produced demo was recorded. This work, entitled  "Soul Foreclosures" , is a mini concept focused on the story of the Shakespearean Othello. The work consists of a set of hard and heavy pieces and compositions from the Baroque and Renaissance periods, all taken from original scores of the time. This demo received flattering reviews in various specialized newspapers. After an alternation in the entire rhythm section, the group began to play live in various pubs and clubs. After the arrival of a new singer, the group decided to write pieces in a more markedly heavy / symphonic power style, always with neoclassical and baroque influences and some progressive inserts. Now the band is formed by  Andrea Marchisio  on vocals,  Christian Rosso  on guitar,  Foca Torchia  on keyboards,  Alessandro Mussa  on bass and  Maurizio Anello  on drums. In February 2002 the first cd, entitled  "Lady of the Lore" , was released for the Italian label Northwind Records with excellent feedback from critics and sales.

After a long hiatus lasting over two years, in 2004 the band will return to the scene with the intention of repeating their past success. And he succeeds! The new album will be titled  "Look For Yourself"  and it is a record that, if on the one hand showcases Desdemona's maturity from a technical point of view, marks a departure from the classic power metal styles made in Italy.

In 2020 Elevate Records decides to digitally re-release the two albums (the second one shortly) which incredibly in the following years were only available in CD format

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