Norwegian Death Metal Féleth Premiere Album Stream "Depravity" via Metal Injection Wednesday May 20 2020, 8:05 PM
Norwegian Death Metal Féleth Premiere Album Stream "Depravity" via Metal Injection

Nestled in the small northern Norwegian town of Alta, far above the Arctic circle, there's a rumbling of brutality shaking the earth from a young, dynamic metal quintet known as Féleth. Creating heavy, melodic assaults, that transcends the traditional limits of the genre, these great northern Norwegians, are taking their influences of death metal, thrash, deathcore, rock and even elements of Jazz to unleash to the world their debut album "Depravity" due out via DeadPop Records on May 22, 2020. 

Today, the band has teamed up with Metal Injection for the album's exclusive full stream premiere  HERE .

The band adds:

"After some years experimenting with a full lineup we've seem to have found our style. Hard, tricky death metal influenced by the whole death metal genre and more. We've worked hard and relentlessly on an album that we consider ready for the world, thanks in big part to the amazing production of Cryptopsy's Christian Donaldson, who we can't believe wanted to work on the record with us!"

"We are happy to share this piece we've been working on, bringing the best (in our minds) out of the different extreme metal genres. We've been grinding hard on this album for over a year, and we're extremely grateful to anyone who will give this album from the middle of nowhere in the far north of Norway a listen!"

With songs like ‘Swan Song’ showing off their deathcore influences, to the epic ‘Dissolution’ jumping from death metal to jazz to black metal seamlessly, and tracks like ‘Pale Tongue’ transforming from in your face death metal to a beautiful ambient soundscape, Féleth is a band that is ready to rise to the occasion and leap into the international moshpit.

The album was mixed and mastered by death metal legend, Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy, Shadow of Intent, The Agonist, Beyond Creation) at The Grid Productions plus features guest vocals from hometown hero, singer/ songwriter  Petter Carlsen .

Album pre-save for Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major digital platforms  HERE .

In additional news, the band will be performing on May 23rd a live stream gig for  Alta Live , a local music festival in the band's hometown of Alta, Norway. The live stream will be done in a large warehouse, with 10-metre high pyro, full light rig, a multi-camera production. Feleth will play a 45-minute set beginning at 9 pm Central European Summer Time (GMT+2). Further info can be found  here .

Track Listing:
1. Ember (4:12)
2. Hollow Words (3:26)
3. Ravenous (4:11)
4. Arise (4:18)
5. Dissolution (4:12)
6. Pestilence (4:42)
7. Pale Tongue (5:48)
8. Swan Song (4:48)
Album Length: 35:40

Album Credits:
Mixing & Mastering: Christian Donaldson
Producer & Recording engineer: Liam Knott
Artwork: Eric Hyrcza at Kahinienn Graphix
Lyrics by: Espen Dagenborg
Music by: Espen Dagenborg,  Alexander Stamnes, Thomas Nyvoll, Brage Ingebrigtsen Westgaard and Aleksander Alsen

Band Members:
Vocals: Espen Dagenborg
Guitar: Alexander Stamnes
Guitar: Thomas Nyvoll
Bass: Brage Ingebrigtsen Westgaard
Drums: Aleksander Alsen

For more info:

"Féleth: Transcends the traditional limits of the genre…" -

"The new Feléth album is a big melting pot of all things good in modern death metal... They serve up tech-death esque song structures and solos with the beautiful harmonies of melodic death metal and the crushing riffs of a brutal death metal banger. It's an eclectic listen for sure. There are catchy parts here and there that make the record memorable and add to its replay value. The vocalist on here does an amazing job and the production value is high... Great record!" - Zax Record Reviews

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