NEW PROMO: Foetal Juice - Gluttony [Rabid UK death metal on Gore House Productions] Wednesday May 20 2020, 12:47 PM
NEW PROMO: Foetal Juice - Gluttony [Rabid UK death metal on Gore House Productions]

Driven by insatiable, rapacious greed and a repulsive uncontrollable desire to consume, we strut towards our demise with poisoned minds and the grins of slavering fools plastered on our twisted faces. We walk through a paradise made hell, where humanity is the devil. Our desperate need to feed, to swallow every last remnant of Earth’s riches, force innocence and beauty into our stinking maw, choke every fragment of hope and kindness down our bleeding throat is a madness beyond control. Like Belphegor or Beelzebub we perch upon our thrones of shit and vomit, swathed in robes of fat and blood; resplendent in our idiocy and cruelty, emperors of filth and queens of self destruction.

Holding up a mirror so we can gaze upon our pitiful visages are Foetal Juice, clowns in our court of grotesqueries, bards with bawdy ballads of truth and warped wisdom. New album Gluttony is the most aggressive explosion of bile drenched death metal that the band have ever discharged. Fifteen years of relentless riffs and black humour hasn’t calmed the creative lunacy of these self proclaimed masters of absurdity one bit. Songs like the rampaging album closer ‘Spirit Leech’ are just unstoppable. The sheer power generated by these Mancunian maniacs is magnificent, but so is the quality of song writing. While the blistering intensity of tracks like ‘Septic Mollusc’ hits like heavy artillery, deft touches and a fine sense of structure and timing make these songs so much more than just a thrilling bombardment. Foetal Juice are at the top of their game and Gluttony is death metal from the very top tier, more than capable of taking on the biggest names in the genre – and winning.

“It’s a lot faster, heavier and much more aggressive, both musically and lyrically, than anything we have previously written” is what the band have said about Gluttony – and it’s impossible to argue. They just needed to add that Gluttony is also the finest album they have ever released. When Gore House Productions unleash this beast on June 12th you need to get your face out of the trough and start listening.

Robert Harris – Drums
Ryan Whittaker – Guitar
Derek Carley – Vocals
Lewis Bridges – Bass

Genre: Death Metal
For fans of: Vader | Master | Entombed | Malevolent Creation
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