SATYRICON's ANDERS ODDEN Diagnosed With Colon Cancer Friday January 3 2020, 6:40 AM
SATYRICON's ANDERS ODDEN Diagnosed With Colon Cancer

Norwegian heavy metal musician Anders Odden is preparing to undergo surgery for colon cancer. The procedure, which is scheduled for next Monday (January 6), is expected to remove the malignant tumors and any nearby lymph nodes.

Odden , the co-founder and guitarist of the death metal band CADAVER and the bass player for the legendary black metal band SATYRICON , revealed his cancer diagnosis in a December 29 Instagram post.

According to Odden , he originally wanted to go public with his illness after the operation, but changed his mind after he was moved by a video message he received from former TURBONEGRO singer Hank Von Hell and MOTÖRHEAD drummer Mikkey Dee , who had played a special concert on December 28 in Gothenburg, Sweden to raise money for cancer research.

Anders posted the above-mentioned video and wrote in an accompanying message: "I wanted to wait to tell you all about my condition until my surgery was done, but then I got this video clip. On my musical hero Lemmy 's, death date (28.12.2015) my friend Hank Von Hell is in Sweden raising money for the cancer cause with MOTÖRHEAD drummer Mikkey Dee . Getting this video was very touching and made me wanna share it with you to raise money for cancer research.

"I was diagnosed with colon cancer the 3rd of October 2019. Since then I have done chemotherapy to shrink the tumor down so I can undergo surgery.

"The surgery date is set to the 6th of January 2020. The doctors have told me that everything will go as planed and that I will get rid of this cancer. It's a tough journey, but I am ready. Have a happy new year and I will see you when I am through. #cancer #coloncancer #cancerresearch #mikkeydee #hankvonhell #motorhead #riplemmykilmister"

CADAVER was among the first Norwegian extreme metal bands to gain any recognition away from their homeland. With a sound that mixed the raging brutality of POSSESSED and DEATH to a distinctly Norwegian sense of discord and disquiet, Odden and his teenage bandmates secured a deal with Earache Records sub-label Necrosis and released its debut album, "Hallucinating Anxiety" , in 1990 (initially as a split with Swedish kindred spirits CARNAGE ). A more progressive and adventurous but no less vicious follow-up, "...In Pains" , arrived in 1992: but for all their momentum and unique, malevolent charm, the first CADAVER lineup was ultimately doomed to disintegrate barely a year later.

Last year, CADAVER launched a comeback with a brand new song, "Circle Of Morbidity" , featuring MEGADETH (and former SOILWORK ) drummer Dirk Verbeuren and guest vocals from Jeff Becerra ( POSSESSED ).

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