REEPER - to release debut album "Get Your Ecstasy" on May 28th Monday May 18 2020, 12:27 PM
REEPER - to release debut album "Get Your Ecstasy"  on May 28th

Reeper is a Metal band founded in 2016 and located in Catalonia, Spain. Although the group has gone through some changes in its formations, it has always been represented by its guitarist, composer and founder Elías Andrada.
This May 28th the group will release "Get Your Ecstasy";its first LP. With this album, Reeper establishes as its main objective to stand out within the local metal scene and conquer, also with the great quality of his art, the different continents.
"The songs on this album come from compositions from a few years ago, which I developed as I found my style," states Elías. "I have a lot of influences from Stoner and Nu Metal, and there is a lot of that on the album. However, the producer I work with, David Palau, also contributed his most classic stamp, taking the album to a more hard rock kind of sound. "
Reeper continues to break the mold with "Egypt" and "Under My Skin", singles that constitute the advance of its awaited debut album. These songs combined have already surpassed 100.000 streams on Youtube. (Source: Mariskal Rock)
Elías adds: "The work process was slow, mostly due to timing issues. In any case, I am very happy with the result. The impact of the music has been very positive, and there are many expectations. I hope that people can feel identified with some of these songs. "
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Track Listing:
1. Egypt (3:26)
2. Shelter in the Night (3:00)
3. Don´t Look Away (2:49)
4. Disappear (4:04)
5. Under My Skin (4:44)
6. Saturday Night (3:01)
7. Wicked Soul (2:08)
8. Final Destination (2:34)
9. No Mercy in Me (2:33)
10. I Lost my Time (3:47)
Under My Skin:



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