GEOFF TATE Is Selling 'Spreading The Disease' Bandanas During COVID-19 Pandemic Friday May 15 2020, 1:35 AM
GEOFF TATE Is Selling 'Spreading The Disease' Bandanas During COVID-19 Pandemic

Former   QUEENSRŸCHE   singer   Geoff Tate   is selling   "Spreading The Disease"   bandanas during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Named after the song on   QUEENSRŸCHE 's classic 1988 album   "Operation: Mindcrime" , the two different bandana designs can be purchased for $17 each from   Geoff 's   official webstore .

The   Centers for Disease Control and Prevention   recommends wearing some type of face covering while in public, especially when it's difficult to maintain six feet of social distancing, such as at grocery stores and pharmacies. A tighter fitting around the face is probably better, but the   CDC   suggests any covering, including a bandana, is better than none.

In April 2014,   Tate   and   QUEENSRŸCHE   announced that a settlement had been reached after a nearly two-year legal battle where the singer sued over the rights to the   QUEENSRŸCHE   name after being fired in 2012. Original   QUEENSRŸCHE   members   Michael Wilton   (guitar),   Scott Rockenfield   (drums) and   Eddie Jackson   (bass) responded with a countersuit. The settlement included an agreement that   Wilton ,   Rockenfield   and   Jackson   would continue as   QUEENSRŸCHE , while   Tate   would have the sole right to perform the albums   "Operation: Mindcrime"   and   "Operation: Mindcrime II"   in their entirety live.

Tate   has been replaced in   QUEENSRŸCHE   by former   CRIMSON GLORY   singer   Todd La Torre .

Geoff   recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of   "Operation: Mindcrime"   on European and U.S. tours.

Tate 's post- QUEENSRŸCHE   band   OPERATION: MINDCRIME   released three albums over three years as part of a trilogy:   "The Key"   (September 2015),   "Resurrection"   (September 2016) and   "The New Reality"   (December 2017). Via Blabbermouth

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