Smoulder donates $500 to the United Nations Refugee Agency fund! Thursday May 7 2020, 3:28 PM
Smoulder donates $500 to the United Nations Refugee Agency fund!

The band Smoulder takes to Facebook to post the following: " Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, we've been remarkably lucky - the picture of privilege. As a band, we've seen the community rally around us while trapped in Greece. You rallied around us on each Bandcamp fundraising day, and your incredible generosity has not gone unnoticed. We are extremely grateful for the help that everyone has provided ourselves and artists since the crisis has begun, and the time has come to pay it forward. In that spirit, we've donated $500 to the United Nations Refugee Agency fund. As the world fights a pandemic that is forcing millions into confinement and social distancing, millions of refugees continue to be stranded in camps, informal settlements, and unfinished buildings. They are facing dire living conditions without adequate food, hygiene supplies or proper shelter. If you are among the lucky people who've been able to continue working, we urge you to also consider a donation to the charity: "

Smoulder play a triumphant hybrid of epic power doom and traditional metal in the tradition of Tales of Medusa, Gates of Slumber, and Solitude Aeternus. Fantastical heroes yielding mystic swords and arcane sorcery await...


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