Chronological Injustice Unleash Devastating New Video!!! Wednesday June 21 2017, 10:00 PM
Chronological Injustice Unleash Devastating New Video!!!

Dude! Unholy fucking fuck, Chronological Injustice is back with a vengeance and it is devastating, heavy and bad as fucking fuck!

If this don't make you blow your speakers and bang your head till your fucking neck breaks, you got problems nuff said! - Via The Zach Moonshine Show

Guitar-genius Gunnar DüGrey founded the band at 12 years of age and has since racked up many big endorsements and played shows with almost every big Metal name in the business. Now, 6 years later, he's released "Pendulum", a crushing Death Metal follow up to last year's "A Collection Of Atrocities". Via  MetalKaoz

Portland, OR based groove/tech metal sensation CHRONOLOGICAL INJUSTICE have just premiered a fresh new song, titled "Pendulum". It's groovy, thrashy, and crunchy. All the things needed for a great, headbanging track!

I've been a fan of this band since first listening to the song "Amor De Rey", which came out a year or so after the band was formed. Since then, they have come a long way in a good direction and have shared the stage with some very notable acts, including Morbid Angel, Nile, Soulfly, Eyehategod, and more. The band themselves are great, but their lead guitarist, Gunnar DüGrey, is particularly badass. You can also check him out in VICIOUS RUMORS.

Well done, Chronological Injustice! Via  MetalHeadAlliance

It’s a very energetic and colorful interpretation of a very energetic and colorful song. Chronological Injustice’s new official video for “Pendulum,” is straight-forward and vibrant. Actually, that is a really great depiction of Chronological Injustice as a whole.

Chronological Injustice is a young band out of Portland, Oregon. Not young as in, “haven’t been around for very long,” (because they have been around for quite a while.) I mean young, as in their youngest member, Gunner DuGrey, (also in Vicious Rumors) is 18.

​The video has camera panning, side-to-side, and forward and backward movement that is quickly becoming a signature move for HotKarlProductions. The camera angles greatly enhance what could have been just a “live” video. While just a live video would have been fine for Chronological Injustice, because their fervor and energy are both audible and visual in any scenario, the implementation of the shots, juxtaposed with the vivid background in the magical graffiti courtyard selected for the shoot are effective. The colorful location, the extreme energy of the band, and their downplayed wardrobe make this video incredibly interesting. Via  MIRP


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