Lzzy Hale Delights Fans By Announcing A New Metallica Project Tuesday April 28 2020, 4:46 PM
Lzzy Hale Delights Fans By Announcing A New Metallica Project

Halestorm singer and guitarist, Lzzy Hale, has made a new question and answer session on Twitter and responded to the question she got from the fans via that platform.

In 2017, Halestorm have released a cover album called ‘Reanimate: The Covers EP’ in which they played Metallica’s Ride The Lightning. You can listen to it below.

Today, a fan asked to Lzzy that if she has plans about covering more Metallica songs. You can see the conversation and how Lzzy responded to that question on Twitter.
A fan named Chirag Ferma asked:
“Are you planning on covering more Metallica songs?”
Lzzy responded:
Another fan named Saskia asked Lzzy’s karaoke song by saying:
“What is your go-to karaoke song?”
Lzzy responded:
“I usually go for things I’ve never gone for in the world of Halestorm… So it’s Bonnie Tyler, Celine Dion and such.”
Jude of Prey asked:
“How do you approach writing lyrics?”
Lzzy responded:
“I free write … a lot, which is the act of putting down on paper, no rhyme or reason but just the thoughts that are on top of your head. From there, review and start to focus on what ur feeling. Circle lines or words that are aggressive!”
You can see the tweets below.

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