Kat Bracket from Obscure Chaos Zine Tests Positive For Covid-19 Tuesday April 28 2020, 9:55 AM
Kat Bracket from Obscure Chaos Zine Tests Positive For Covid-19

Kat Bracket posted on social media the following:

"WE ARE All FIGHTERS...We Will Never Give Up...Stay Fearless, Strong & Positive!
At first, I wanted to cry when the email came in but I know I am under great care and I have been taken care of myself before and since I started feeling like crap. I get checked on by my Dr. when she has a free moment. That is the kind of person she is. She cares about everyone.
I woke up many times during the course of the early morning feeling like hell. Between the coughing, the chills, body aches and fever sweats and besides the sirens going by. I do live close to a precinct and a hospital.
My fever has been insane and even Tylenol wasn't helping with breaking it but still I have to give it time to work. I felt a little weak and drained this early am, even though I have been drinking tons of hot teas, eating healthy and taken vitamins. Things taste the same, still can smell (I used my perfume Tea Rose to check my sense of smell), still congested, and my right side of my nose is more stuffed compared to my left side. My breathing was ok. I called my Dr.. who is extremely amazing and I know she is exhausted but she treats everyone like her own family. I went to see her before my results came in. While waiting on a 12 foot away from each other line. I got the news.
I was looked over very well and more blood work and boy do I hate needles and blood but did it which was taken also for swallowing glands. My breathing is at normal levels I forgot the term used and an ekg was done which were ok. Having it retested on Monday as well, in which I call it the hell test. Sure wasn't fun and hurt a few days after.
We have to stay focused, positive and strong!"

Sending all our positive energy and hope for fast healing to Kat! She has been a long time friend of MDR. She has been a long time promoter in the underground metal community, she is a very giving selfless human being and i think i can speak for all of us when i say we hope you get well soon Kat!

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