Too Gross For Most by SHIVERS / NAUSEATOR Saturday April 18 2020, 6:56 PM
 Too Gross For Most by SHIVERS / NAUSEATOR

HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present Too Gross For Most, a special split 7" between SHIVERS and NAUSEATOR.
Aptly fucking titled, Too Gross For Most is a swift 'n' slimy union of two upstarts of viscera-drenched death metal primitivism. While a brand-new name - and their two tracks here, the band's public debut - SHIVERS feature none other than ACID WITCH's Slasher Dave at the pustulent helm. No more but definitely no less, SHIVERS go for an Impetigo-meets-Mortician vibe that's nothing short of horrific...and horrifically catchy! On the flipside are two brand-new tracks from NAUSEATOR, who've been making waves in the underground the last couple years with their self-described "Maniac Metal." And indeed are NAUSEATOR paired well with their split-mates, as this literal deuce of tracks go an even-rawer but no-less-rowdy route. Too Gross For Most is good, disgusting Midwest Death Metal fun for one and all!
releases May 29, 2020

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