Corners of Sanctuary Forced To Cancel Remainder of UK Dates Friday March 20 2020, 4:18 AM
Corners of Sanctuary Forced To Cancel Remainder of UK Dates

Corners of Sanctuary Forced To Cancel Remainder of UK Dates
US Rockers Corners of Sanctuary (COS) were unfortunately forced to abruptly end and ultimately cancel their UK dates while only being two shows into the tour earlier this week.
Due to the rising international pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, government-imposed travel restrictions and flight cancellations, the band faced the possibility of not being able to return to the States once the tour concluded on March 22nd.
"With all the travel restrictions being put into place, the airline had canceled our original flight home," said COS bassist James Pera. "With almost no flights being made available, we basically had to take whatever we could." 
COS managed to play the first two shows performing at The Napier in Blackburn and the King Billy Rock Bar in Northampton which had them supporting Girlschool guitarist Jackie Chambers' band Syteria.
"Both shows were great," said COS guitarist Mick Michaels. "People were welcoming and supportive of the music...we really felt like we were home."

With international travel coming to halt, future travels plans for the world remains uncertain. However, Corners does plan to return to the UK once the global crisis is cleared and regular travel commences.
"We definitely are going back to finish what we started," said Michaels. "We owe it to the fans."
"Absolutely," said COS drummer Mad T. "COSnROLL UK part we have plenty of t-shirts."
The band plans to take this time and continue working on their new album, "Heroes Never Die," with new singer Stacey Lee in addition to editing together a new video filmed while in the UK for their next single, “Sandstorm Salvation.”
"On a positive note, we had a chance to shoot some footage for our next music we definitely used the time we had well" said Michaels.
COS For COS and Country image.jpgPrior to their UK departure, the band released a new EP, "For COS and Country," along with a lyric video for the single "The Raid (For God and Country). The EP is available through Exquisite Noise Records US and a free MP3 download of “The Raid” is available here:
See “The Raid (For God and Country)” lyric video here:

Shows for April are scheduled but given the current climate of rising apprehension, it remains to be seen if the shows will be held.
"It's business as usual for COS," declared Pera. "We'll just keep plugging away... there's still plenty to do."
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