Theophagist Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR! Sunday March 15 2020, 10:48 AM
Theophagist Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR!

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On February 22nd 2020 the debuutalbum from Luxembourg band Theophagist, called 'I Am Abyss', has been released. This full length has been released through the band themselves so it's an Independent Release. 
This band was founded in 2015 but it doesn't mean we deal with a young and new band. They already played in a band with another name before Theophagist was founded so all bandmembers already have the necessary experience. This band from Luxembourg brings us a very good portion of deathmetal, with the necessary black- and thrashinfluences in it. You even will notice a certain Scandinavian-vibe....

Founded in 2015 by a group of friends, Theophagist symbols today
the reincarnation of a project long believed dead. Picking up where
they left off a decade ago, Theophagist bring you finest Death Metal
made in Luxembourg.
Influenced by many great Thrash-, Black-, and Death Metal artists,
old and new alike, Theophagist finally uncovers with the first album I
Am Abyss what has been for 4 years in the making.
Their variety of styles and dynamic stage appearance made it
possible for Theophagist to share various venues with amazing
national and international artists like Desdemonia (LU), Theotoxin
(DE), Black Bleeding (BE), Abstract Rapture (LU), Ashes in Blood (BE),
Tulsadoom (DE) and many others.
Sven Schosseler – Vocals
Tiago Perdiz – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jo Conter – Guitar
Ben Schreiner – Bass
Michel Conter – Drums

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