Teratoma Wins Battle Of The bands This Week On MDR! Saturday December 28 2019, 1:20 PM
Teratoma Wins Battle Of The bands This Week On MDR!

Coming in with a crushing 2,337 votes!

Teratoma, Brutal Death Metal band, was founded in 1993 by Tito (vocals), Pitu (guitar) and Juanjo (guitar) becoming part a few months from grindcore band Agacoples Roque taking charge of the drums.
The band for a while decided to rename "Suffering", though few months given the high number of bands with that name they decided to recover the old.

In 1994 after finding serious problems to find a bassist, Juanjo went on to play that instrument and seek a second guitar, after several tests at different musicians Juanma filled the post.
Finally in May 1996 was recorded and released the first official demo of teratoma in studies “Punch in out” ... From inside, with four tracks of heavy and intense brutal death metal. The demo received very good reviews from the specialized media as SOD Magazine, Morticianumskull, Grinder magazine to quote an example, a few months Juanjo after had formed along other musicians the Death / black band Ered Lithui embryo of Ered, leaving Teratoma by mutual agreement to devote himself to the new project.
The remaining members continued working and finally in 1998, accepted the opportunity offered them to record cd from Goremanía prod .
In October of that same year they entered the Located-0 studio to record 10 songs including a cover of Sodom, great reference for the group. After innumerable and unbearable problems for months the band decided to publish the work for another label Fleshfeast prod. and two years after its registration in 1999 released the cd "The terato-genus reborn".Cover Artwork by Javi Freak , In this period Roque also abandon and Sergi taking his place.
That same year the band finally incorporated Xavi Revilla as fixed bass player. After trying a few months with other musicians, in 2002 they again entered a studio to record a second CD that never see the light given its dismal production. In late 2002 teratoma members decided to terminate the life of the band,in late February 2015 the band has been reactivated

Bolt-thrower, Sodom, Protector, Incantation,suffocation, Mortician, Dead infection and old school of thrash and death metal

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