Norwegian BM Trio TULUS Release 'Old Old Death' / Album Streaming Sunday March 8 2020, 9:48 AM
Norwegian BM Trio TULUS Release 'Old Old Death' / Album Streaming

Norwegian Black Metal trio TULUS have released sixth full-length studio album Old Old Death. Stream and purchase below!

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Old Old Death is guaranteed to shake the earth upon its March release! The trio, consisting of members of Sarke and Khold, has created a masterpiece in their own inimitable style.  Expect 10 dark, cold, groovy Black Metal tracks that will hit your nerves like the black plague. Eerie and unique!

The album was recorded and mixed at H-10 Productions by Lars Erik Westby with the assistance of Per Kristian Schjønsby and mastered in Sonic Train Studios by Andy La Rocque. The cover artwork was created by Maxime Taccardi.

"With each new riff's fist to the listener's gut, Old Old Death pounds on, the sinewy, strong, superb black metal record that it is." (8/10)

- Decibel

 "Maximizing on the space between each of their triadic pieces, Tulus’s powerful, punchy approach to black metal concentrates less on black metal’s atmospherics in favor of raw, sinewy might."

- Invisible Oranges

"It's got all of the things we want out of metal, but with some added flair."

- Glacially Musical

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