Be Captivated With SPECIAL OPS’ Music Video Cover ‘I Put A Spell On You’ (Screamin' Jay Hawkins) Tuesday January 28 2020, 6:40 AM
Be Captivated With SPECIAL OPS’ Music Video Cover ‘I Put A Spell On You’ (Screamin' Jay Hawkins)

L-R - Wally Thornhill (Bass),  Ak. Johnson (Vocals, Guitar) , Mana Manu Bassette (Drums), Gandalf Christoph (Guitar)


Montreal, Canada’s SPECIAL OPS have just released their latest music video for the cover of the classic 'I Put A Spell On You' produced with Grammy award-winning producer  Steve Pageot . The original song was written by Screamin' Jay Hawkins in 1956 and since then has been covered by hundreds of artists in many styles. 

"We originally sent it to him for an opinion since it's a little different than our usual stuff. You know just to be sure. Turned out it was one of his favourite songs too and he offered to produce it! Now who would say no to that? Really cool cat." says vocalist / guitarist AK Johnson.

SPECIAL OPS does this classic justice with their full frontal loud attitude that demands your attention with a madman at the front of the stage backed up by a powerhouse wall of sound. AK Johnson explains why the band chose the song:

“To me, this song is about my relationship with the music industry; how it just keeps messing with you, keeps hurting you, but you just keep going back for more. We wanted to pay tribute to Screamin' Jay Hawkins, one of the founders of Rock N Roll as we know it today with his outfits and insane stage performances.”

The cover comes from the band’s album "Blood And Tears", which was released in November 2019 and mixed by  Darius Szezepaniak  plus mastered by  Kevin Jardine . The album is the band’s fourth studio album, which was received very well by fans. SPECIAL OPS divulges the premise behind the album.

“The album is a reflection of the band's trials and tribulations through the years that have gotten us to this place. The 2 battles with cancer, the shitty record deals, those who lied cheated and stole from us, I can go on and on but it's best that you just listen to it.”

Influenced by Therapy?, Faith No More, and Metallica, SPECIAL OPS is a must-listen for all hard rock fans.

Check out the music video on YouTube: com/watch?v=wmS6ohH0BmE  

Digital stream download and CD of "Blood And Tears" available on  Bandcamp Spotify Apple Music .

Track Listing:
1. Blood And Tears (4:07)
2. Mr. Big Shot (2:47)
3. I Put A Spell On You (2:35)
4. Dead Are Calling (3:38)
5. Ship Has Sunken (3:02)
6. Baby Take It All (3:10)
7. Lie To Me (3:10)
8. Bloody Mary (2:55)
9. Salt (2:53)
10. Standing Hollow (3:03)
11. What You Call Man (4:32)
Album Length: 35:53

More info:


Special Ops returned with a fresh new album dubbed “Blood And Tears” in 2019. In this self-produced 8th release to be followed by the second single Dead Are Calling before the full-length album and last single I Put A Spell On You, along with Grammy award-winning producer  Steve Pageot , Mixing engineer  Darius Szezepaniak  and Mastering engineer  Kevin Jardine , Special Ops capture jaw-dropping tracks that display a fusion of the members’ diverse cultures.

From Ak Johnson’s Fierce Melodic Vocals and backed by a well-armed rhythm section of Chris Groulx’s intricate Jazz, blues and metal influences of guitar and strumming and Waldo Thornhill’s thumping Bass, and drummer Manuel Bessette’s pounding fury. Special Ops have, in less than 6 months,  unleashed 2 direct hits to follow up to their award-winning “Through The Heart Of The Infidel” and successful single “Pressure” as well as older success’s like “Anger” chosen as the theme song for “The Sid Cycle Show” (Global/Spike/Men TV).

“BLOOD AND TEARS” captures the hearts and minds of those who have struggled in protest and demonstrates the trial and tribulations they as a band have seen. Everything from one member’s cancer ordeal through tour to lost loves to industry drama that the everyday artist struggles with. Special Ops bring forward in their international collective an explosive return to their unique brand of rock.

- 30 - 

"As seen by the music video above, these guys bring the timeless heavy rock groove of bands like Monster Magnet, and Eagles of Death Metal, so you know you're in for a good time." - MetalInjection

"These dudes use a mix of vintage and modern gear, from classic Charvel guitars to custom Warwick fretless basses. As their guitarist and singer AK Johnson says, “We’re somewhat of gearholics”. Sounds like they’ll be right at home here." - Gear Gods

“The new release is a sweet mix of thumping rhythmic, catchy vibrations and unparalleled musical talent thought lost to the world of synthetic beats." - Buzzfeed

“Special Ops has my attention, and they should have yours, too. They’ve got it going on! We can only hope they get down to the U.S. for a tour soon and, hopefully, to the Left Coast. Excellent stuff!" – Huffington Post

"Like Special Ops, the video kicks ass, gives no quarter and takes no prisoners... Special Ops has it going on! “Baby Take It All” is real rock and roll: raw, arrogant and in your face. This is a great song and an excellent video. I like it!" - Huffington Post

"Blood and Tears is a pure Metal outside the box gem. You won't come across something this unique and different everyday"  - CKUT 90.3 FM

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